Nutritionists Say This Buzzy Tea Has Benefits — But There's A Catch


It's been said that the secret to keeping up your healthy resolutions and habits is to make sure they're sustainable in the first place, which is why drinking more water or getting more sleep are such popular choices for those looking to make changes (as opposed to say, running a marathon when you can barely make it around the block). And that probably explains the recent hype around buzzy wellness teas. But could better health really be as easy as switching up your morning (or evening) beverage? According to health pros, the answer isn't so simple.

There's nothing new about sipping herbal teas for various benefits. In fact, mint or ginger tea for digestion and chamomile for winding down have been used in different cultures for centuries. Teas for skin and hair health are also having a moment. That said, the latest — and most buzzworthy — teas are blending different trendy ingredients in with the tried-and-true ones to aid in various health issues or make them even more super powered. But while nutritionist and wholeness coach Melissa Kathryn believes that adding certain herbal teas into your daily wellness routine can give you a boost (she particularly loves a turmeric blend from Pique Teas), she warns that you shouldn't expect them to solve all your health woes. "Modern wellness blends are beneficial but are not intended to heal on their own," she explains. "Use tea in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and other forms of supplementation, movement, and mindset for full holistic healing and nourishing mind, body, and spirit."

Dr. Olivia Audrey, an integrative medicine and holistic health coach and author agrees with the idea that these trendy tea blends certainly have their place in a holistic health regimen, especially considering the variety they may add to your diet. "I like to add in dandelion root tea on my two weekly detox days, when following my 7-day protocol," she explains. "This gives the liver a supportive boost and helps the lymphatic system detox."

Besides using certain herbal teas for their detoxifying effects, Dr. Audrey also loves to decompress with a cup of chamomile or passionflower tea at the end of her day and sips echinacea tea when she wants to keep her immunity up. But if you're looking for a wholly new healthy beverage to incorporate into your upgraded lifestyle, the wellness guru does note that the latest buzzy blends may include a few star ingredients with legitimate benefits such as balanced hormones or better sleep. So what exactly are some of those to look for? Find a few brews ahead, and learn what she thinks they have to offer.

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Buzzy Wellness Teas: Raspberry Leaf

"Raspberry leaf is a natural remedy used for hundreds of years for women’s reproductive issues," says Dr. Audrey of this tea which some experts say will be one of 2021's biggest wellness trends. One way to try it is in this blend by Supernatural, in which it's paired with nettle, an herb Dr. Audrey explains can be used to boost histamine response and reduce inflammation.

Buzzy Wellness Teas: Tulsi

Move over melatonin, some wellness enthusiasts are sipping this adaptogenic tea (also known as holy basil) for its relaxing properties. Tulsi happens to be one of the star ingredients of buzzy brand Magic Hour's "Lucid Dream" blend, which includes another type of tea Dr. Audrey endorses, turmeric. "I like the turmeric element in this blend and I institute almost all of my clients and wellness teachers on this root-like stem for its high capacity as an anti inflammatory," she says.

Buzzy Wellness Teas: Rhodiola

Like Tulsi, Rhodiola is a popular adaptogen — but as opposed to the former's use for sleep and stress-relieving, the latter is commonly incorporated in products intended to boost energy, like this blend by wellness brand Joyá. Dr. Audrey shares that she loves teas that combine aromatic herbs with medicinal ones, and this tea fits that bill with a mix of chai spices, cacao, chicory, and maca in addition to its adaptogenic hero.

Buzzy Wellness Teas: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum tea has a long history in Chinese culture and medicine. Boasting a mild, floral flavor, it's believed to boost the immune system, metabolism, and heart health, plus Dr. Audrey explains that it's rich in minerals including calcium and potassium, which make it a good addition to healthy diets. That said, because certain plants and flowers can cause skin sensitivity and allergic reactions, as always be sure to consult with your doctor, especially if you're prone to irritation.

Buzzy Wellness Teas: CBD

CBD is just about everywhere these days, so of course that includes buzzy tea blends, like those by Hello Goldie, which offers varieties for better sleep, more energy, improved mood, and increased focus with the help of additional botanicals. "CBD elements added into tea is only going to further promote the numerous benefits of [it]," explains Dr. Audrey. As for what those benefits are, she shares that reduced inflammation and promoting a sense of calm are a few you can expect when trying out CBD teas.