Isiah Magsino

My name is Isiah S. Magsino and I'm currently contributing beauty writer at The Zoe Report. There's so much to love about beauty, but my favorite is that what is that the term can never be truly defined. Beauty is why you choose a certain lipstick color before going out. It's how you open doors for others and how you say please and thank you. It's how you grew up watching your mother add the last bit of hairspray before heading to church. It's how a winged eyeliner helps you feel better after a breakup. Beauty is a universe, and I'm lucky enough to learn more about what beauty means to others every day. After graduating from Fordham University in the Spring of 2019, I began freelance writing for various fashion + lifestyle magazines such as: Vogue US, The Wall Street Journal, GQ, Elle, and more covering fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. I am also a freelance market/editorial assistant to Vogue's Men's editor.