The $21 Lip Gloss Serena Kerrigan Always Wears On ‘Let’s F*cking Date

I never really watched The Bachelor because I knew that every season was more of the same — sorority girls and buff bros battling it out for happily-ever after televised bliss. Serena Kerrigan, a confidence coach, is decidedly the anti-Bachelorette. As 8.5 million viewers tune into the repetitive courting of country music concerts and sky diving, Kerrigan's latest project offers a more riveting alternative. "Unlike other shows, this isn't scripted at all and viewers feel like they can send me messages while the date is actually happening," Kerrigan says in an interview with TZR, buzzing out of her seat.

Though these may seem like big words, Kerrigan is sure of them. And what she's talking about isn't a new network TV show — it's her latest project which puts a new, explosive meaning to Zoom date night.

As if first dates aren’t nerve-wracking enough, Kerrigan goes on blind ones in front of thousands of people through her new IG Live show, Let’s F-cking Date, which airs every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. EST. And, to up the antics, the audience tuning in has the freedom to send Kerrigan any questions or comments while she’s on her date. It’s a hilarious, voyeuristic resurgence of the classic guess-what-date-they’re-on bar game.

But through the glitz, awkward moments and fumbles, there’s one revelation that oftentimes confuses her surprise suitor. “Some guys are so taken aback when I tell them that I’m half-Argentinian,” Kerrigan tells TZR. In fact, it’s something that’s hindered the IG TV host with more important things than trying to find a man.

“People are so quick to disqualify my connection with my Latinx background because I’m only half, but I’ve gone back to Argentina every year of my life, I have a strong connection with my family there, and continue to fight for representation in all forms,” she says.

According to Kerrigan, everything about her life — what she loves to eat, her favorite music, language — stems back to her Argentinian heritage, so it can be extremely frustrating at times when she feels that she has to continue to defend her identity. “Even the Zoom calls with my family are so comforting during this isolating time. You know, the chaotic ones where everyone is trying to talk at once and you can’t really hear anyone clearly.”

But Kerrigan knows that her frustration is one of privilege. She even references a piece she wrote for Refinery29 back in 2017 illustrating the trials of her cultural in-betweenness. “I’m glad I wrote that piece. But, I’ve grown so much. I understand that I do have an immense privilege over others, and the best thing to do is give them a platform and listen. I will always be proud of where I’m from.”

And with grace and bullet-proof confidence, Kerrigan continues to wear her Latinx heritage as a badge of honor, one live date at a time. Ahead, are the 10 beauty essentials that'll light the fire of your next Zoom romance.

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Date Night Essential: Hair Extensions

"I never realized how powerful hair can be," Kerrigan admits. "Especially during virtual dates where you can really only see the top half." While in quarantine, Kerrigan has been experimenting with plenty of different hairstyles and have varied throughout her date nights.

Date Night Essential: Powder Brush

Lightweight and silky bristles makes Veil Powder Brush the perfect tool to set your look.

Date Night Essential: Setting Powder

Kerrigan's go-to setting powder is ideal for the virtual dating scene. Lighting is amplified for Zooms, and this setting powder keeps your look natural and glowy, rather than shiny.

Date Night Essential: Moisturizer

Hydrated skin is a must-have during date night, and this one keeps Kerrigan's skin from being dry and flaky on camera.

Date Night Essential: Face Sealer

This setting spray has earned a spot in Kerrigan's date night essentials because it keeps everything in place, just in case the nervous sweats come rolling in (which is rare in her case).

Date Night Essential: Lip Plumper

This cult-favorite gloss adds a hint of shine to make lips look extra kissable.

Date Night Essential: Hair Texturizing Spray

Like mentioned before, hair is a big deal for Kerrigan during date night. This hairspray adds volume and texture to any desired hairstyle and keeps hair in place for an extended period of time.

Date Night Essential: Hair Towel (Pre-Date)

This hair towel brings your lovely locks into a damp stage quickly, preventing any sort of color-fade, frizzing, and other hair havocs. It's comfort and lightweight makes it, simply, irreplaceable.

Date Night Essential: Deodorant

Nobody wants to succumb to the dating mishap of smelling like a locker room. For Kerrigan, the simple things do matter.

Date Night Essential: Steamy Card Games

First, second, third base and home run define the intensity of the directions in Kerrigan's self-made card game. The higher the base, the hotter the question. Who doesn't love a little date-night fun?