The Cutting-Edge — And Freezing — Spa Treatment Everyone Is Talking About

Bring on the chill.

Courtesy of Pause Studio, L.A.
The opened door to a cryotherapy chamber, with cold steam coming out

The summer season is often synonymous with vacation and relaxation. It’s when the two-day weekend sometimes turns into three, and when people begin to find refuge from sweltering temperatures near a shoreline. And what better way to ride the wave of indulgence than a trip to the spa? Whether it be a standard facial or an hour-long massage, the experience of sitting in a serene space while nurturing your body and mind is the closest thing to heaven one may experience. And while the ritual of pampering is not new by any means, the way in which it is being offered is. Yes, the luxe and exclusive treatments once reserved for fancy health spas and resorts are becoming much more mainstream thanks to some forward-thinkings establishments and innovators in the space.

How? Well, for starters common facials now can incorporate crystals for healing and energy. Workouts now target your facial. And meditation can now include floating atop an Epsom salt bath. And while some of the most unique experiences are still reserved for luxury getaways, plenty of these trendy wellness treatments are trickling down to the mainstream, making them accessible and affordable — and sometimes right around the corner. So, as your calendars begin to fill with beach getaways and your bags fill with sunscreen, be sure to wedge in a few moments of true summer bliss with these out-of-the-box services.

Crystal-Powered Massage, Four Seasons, Philadelphia

Courtesy of Four Seasons Philadelphia

As if feeling like an escape in the clouds isn’t enough, the Four Seasons in Philadelphia takes it up a notch with its crystalline-infused spa services. Whether it’s a facial powered by the exclusive QMS Medicosmetics, or a massage in one of the seven chi rooms, the alleged power of crystals are now being harnessed during these acts of indulgence. The walls are actually filled with crystals — resident crystal healer, Rashia Bell, concealed over 700 pounds of crystals within the spa, promoting a rejuvenating and energizing ambiance. Each service is meant to reflect chakra balancing, a practice that originates from ancient Indian healing traditions. To drive the energy of your massage and personalize it to your needs, you are invited to choose the crystal that best fits your needs or goals at the beginning of your treatment. A brief singing bowl session follows to “activate and harmonize the crystals with each chakra,” according to the Four Seasons Philadelphia Spa site. The traditional (or untraditional) massage then ensues, utilizing your crystal companion.

Cryotherapy, Clean Market, NYC

What do all the athletic greats like Cristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt, and Lebron James have in common? Their love for a freezing cold cryotherapy treatment. Luckily, the chilled service is available to experience at wellness havens across the country, including Clean Market in NYC. Nitrogen-cooled air exposes the body to sub-zero temperatures and three minutes in one of its freeze chambers results in a plethora of benefits: increased metabolism, rise in energy, joint pain relief, and muscle recovery, to name a few. And cryotherapy enhances more than just the physical state of your body. Health professionals have even noticed an improvement in mood from the post-treatment euphoria. Who doesn’t want that?

Flotation Therapy, Pause Studio, Los Angeles

Courtesy of Pause Studio

Though meditation has now secured its place in mainstream wellness, flotation therapy might be the new frontier in mindfulness. And, if there is any place that does it best, it’s Pause Studio, which has two locations in the Los Angeles area. Picture this: You step into a warm, egg-shaped tub that is lightly illuminated with a calming blue or red light and filled with Epsom salt-infused water. You close your eyes and your mind drifts into oblivion as you remain still while floating. The treatment is designed to help with everything from speeding up the recovery time of muscles and joints after a workout, encouraging proper postural alignment, improving circulation in the body, and promoting better sleep. Not only is your physical self reaching heights, but your mind is, too. According to the spa, your undistracted mind during the treatment may allow you to tap into “Super Learning,” a state where you can make new and deep neural connections. Don’t think about it too much. Just say “yes” to floating.

Cryo Medi Lift Workout, FaceGym (NYC, LA, & London)

Courtesy of FaceGym

Summer workouts are no longer limited to long jogs outdoors. With cryotherapy on the rise, Facegym is offering the same service, except targeting the muscles in your face, in an effort to serve as a natural facelift. The service first works to relieve any tension and inflammation in the face by using a combination of hand and tool-based gua sha techniques (warning: these movements can get intense, so be sure to let the facility know of any sensitivities beforehand). With the blood flow optimized in the face, your facialist then incorporates hyaluronic acid, a micro-needling roller, and shots of cold cryo-oxygen for a boost of hydration and cellular rejuvenation. Finally, using an EMS Medi lift mask that sculpts the lower face, this “workout” leaves your skin plumped, glowing, and taut as can be. As it’s believed that cryotherapy leads to an improvement in both the body and the mind, why wouldn’t you want the same treatment done to your face?

Chi Balancing, Rejuvenation Health, Hamptons, NY

Courtesy of Rejuvenation Health

A getaway out East is enough to put your mind at ease, but Rejuvenation Health is taking things a step further. In addition to offering dentistry and other services like detox programs, Dr. Tia Trivisonno, LAC is encouraging clients to dig a bit deeper than their muscle tissue, focusing on their inner energy (or chi). Taking note of traditional healing practices such as Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, Rejuvenation Health offers several treatment modalities and energetic assessments such as acupuncture, where needles are inserted to help relieve physical and mental ailments; medical Qigong, a practice that re-balances one’s bio-energy by addressing one’s holistic wellbeing, taking diet, emotions, injuries, and more into consideration; and bioresonance, a practice where electrodes are placed over the body and is said to help treat chronic conditions and diseases. As the greats say, wellness starts from within.