Skip The Beret And Shop This Stylish Gift For The "Emily In Paris" Fan In Your Life

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If you're stuck in a gift-giving rut, it may help to know that you can find inspiration for cool, stylish, and totally out-of-the-box presents a lot closer than you think — namely your television screens. Some critics have suggested that this the a golden age of TV, so where better to look for ideas than some of the latest and greatest series? And shopping TV show inspired gifts — with your recipient's preferences in mind, of course — isn't just creative, it's also super thoughtful and proves that even if you don't share the enthusiasm for their faves, you've at least been paying attention.

Once you open the Pandora's box that is TV-themed gifts, you'll quickly learned that there are tons of t-shirts, mugs, and other novelty paraphernalia emblazoned with the catch phrases, titles, or character likenesses — which may not be quite what you're looking to find for your especially chic friend or loved one who's enamored of a certain show. But with a little creativity, you can treat her to something that nods to beloved programming while managing to fit seamlessly into her wardrobe or home decor, no matter how particular.

To make this gift especially timely, you could narrow it down to a few of the newest and most buzzworthy shows (in other words, her most current obsession). For example, does she rave about the royal style as seen on The Crown? Or has she been talking a lot about chess since The Queen's Gambit has been streaming? If she's more of a reality show follower, look no further than the new franchise of Real Housewives, Salt Lake City, for some après ski attire?

Whatever she's watching these days, the 15 gifts ahead — inspired by five of the most popular shows currently streaming — should at least help spark some ideas for the TV lovers on your list.

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