This New Book Is A Must-Read For Anyone Obsessed With Royal Style

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It's hard to remember a time when the haircuts and outfit selections of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle weren't front page news for fashion publications. While that might sound like a superficial obsession, it turns out that there's so much to what the royals wear — or don't wear, in some cases — and a soon-to-be-released book is taking a closer look at this idea. HRH by Elizabeth Holmes is equal parts contextual history and commentary and glossy, photo-filled inspo, which makes it the ideal gift for the fashion follower in your life (which just might be yourself).

HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style isn't Elizabeth Holmes' first foray into the royal family's sartorial world. The author, who cut her teeth as a political reporter before pivoting to fashion for the Wall Street Journal, has gained quite a following for her Webby-honored Instagram story series, 'So Many Thoughts' which delves into the details of what they're wearing and what it all means. The book, which is currently available for pre-order now and will be officially released November 17th, follows this idea, specifically through the lens of aforementioned Kate and Meghan, as well as the equally stylish royals before them, Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth.

As she detailed to Hillary Kerr on a recent episode of Second Life podcast, it all started when Holmes was at home, caring for her second child and biding time on Instagram. After seeing a holiday portrait of William and Kate, she shared that she had "so many thoughts" and found that — as was not the case in her close friends circle — so many people online shared her fascination with royal fashion. But what made her commentary different was the fact that Holmes became a source of "decoding" these ensembles, as she believed that what these women were wearing (for example, choosing something by a designer of color or a sustainable brand) gave them an outlet to speak on issues without saying a word.

Beyond that, Holmes also finds that branding plays a huge role in the modern dressing of royals like Kate and Meghan. Specifically, the latter's acting background (having worked with stylists and walked red carpets) meant that she already understood the concept of what the author calls "slideshow dressing" or consciously adopting certain trademarks.

All of these ideas and more are covered in HRH (short for "Her Royal Highness, of course). So whether you or someone you're shopping for this season is deeply invested in royal fashion as pure eye candy or something deeper, there's a lot to pore over in this new book — which is bound to be at the top of so many style-lovers' wish lists.

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