8 Stylish Gifts For Anyone On Your List With A ‘Friends’ Obsession


Everyone has a friend who's notoriously difficult to shop for. Maybe their style is unpredictable and ever changing, or perhaps they just seem to have everything. If you're at a loss for original ideas, consider turning to six of your favorite 20-somethings for a little inspiration. Enter, The Zoe Report's roundup of Friends-inspired gifts: the easiest way to add some life to your holiday shopping list.

Considering each member of the Friends group had a distinct personality that effortlessly translated into their style, the gifting options are incredibly versatile. To spark your memory: Rachel Green was seen as the fashionista of the group, working at companies like Bloomingdales and Ralph Lauren throughout the show's duration. She often turned to silky slip dresses, plaid skirts, and lots of denim. Meanwhile, Phoebe's style was eccentric in the best possible way. She never shied away from exciting prints, bright colors, and odd combinations. While Monica Geller was painted as a type-A chef, her sophisticated aesthetic couldn't be overlooked.

Ahead, The Zoe Report's handpicked gifts inspired by the cult-favorite sitcom. Don't worry, these aren't Friends t-shirts and stickers, each gift offers a subtle — and stylish — homage to the show that anyone on your list is sure to love.


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