This Bold Eye Look Was Everywhere At This Year’s ZOEasis Party

Has Alexandra

This season has brought out color in new and interesting ways in terms of makeup. Orangey-red lips, bright mod eyeshadow, flushed cheeks — they’re all fair game in the beauty world. This embrace of color was fully evident at this year’s ZOEasis bash. In fact, one of the season'’s major eye makeup trends was in full force at the annual desert party: Neon eyeliner.

Yes, the annual Pre-Coachella soirée, now in its fifth year, often sees some of the biggest fashion and beauty looks of the season, and this year was no different. Chic hair accessories, flowy ruffled sun dresses, and beautifully braided hairstyles were all present at The Zoe Report's affair. But it was the light, bright, and fabulously unconventional eyeliner that made the ultimate statement among attendees.

Everyone from The Zoe Report’s own editors to the stylish DJ duo in charge of the tunes were donning neon eyeliner in some form. TZR managing editor Lauren Caruso went for a stark white liner across her lids while senior fashion editor Aemilia Madden went for a two-toned look of fuchsia and lime to complement her green slip dress ensemble.

Actor Paris Berelc went bottoms up on the trend, lining her lower lash line with a bright magenta hue and blending it out for a smoky finish. The look felt very unexpected and incredibly fresh.

However, because two looks are always better than one, the stars of the eyeliner show were undoubtedly Coco and Breezy, the evening’s DJs and suppliers of all things music. The identical twins and musical team (born Corianna and Brianna Dotson), wearing matching black leather shorts sets from Rachel Zoe Collection, paired their otherwise neutral-colored ensembles with bold eyeliner to counteract the noir. Coco went for a winged silver liner while Breezy opted for a thick neon-green streak that covered her lid. The beauty of both of their looks was that the rest of their makeup was relatively natural and radiant, so attention was naturally drawn to the eyes.

In fact, unconventional eyeliner could very well be your saving grace for spring, festival season, and even the hot summer months. Just a quick swipe of a neon hue across the upper or lower lid (or both) can leave maximum impact with minimum effort. The rest of the face can be left dewy and natural with just a little bit of highlighter across the cheekbones and an ultra-glossy lip (both of which are also big trends for spring and 2019 in general). It’s a bold look without being overwhelming for the wearer or the viewer — a win-win if you will.

Ready to give the look a whirl yourself? Take a page from one of the ZOEasis looks below and shop some products that will help you achieve them easily. Whether you're into more muted hues or light and bright is more your style, there's an eyeliner with your name on it.

Coco (also known as Corianna Dotson) of Coco and Breezy

Has Alexandra

Breezy (also known as Brianna Dotson) of Coco and Breezy

Has Alexandra

Lauren Caruso

Has Alexandra

Aemilia Madden

Paris Berelc

Mark Hanson