The Hair Accessory Brands To Get In On Before Everyone Else

Lelet NY

By now, you’ve probably already noticed the wave of hair accessories that's taken your Instagram feed by storm. First, it was the controversial but triumphant return of the iconic 1980s hair scrunchie; now, every hair accessory you can think of has risen to the surface. From barrettes and clips to ribbons and pins, hair accessory brands have become more popular than over. Simply put: If there was ever a season to cover your hair in a few additional embellishments, this is it.

Perhaps you can blame it on pure and simple nostalgia, or even the greater sentiment of wanting (or needing, in some cases) to sport a playful bauble that evokes a certain feeling of innocence — either way, the fashion world is here for it. That said, these aren’t the same banana clips, plastic headbands, or aluminum snaps you might have worn during your younger years; rather, these hair accessories have taken on an undeniably cool turn, allowing you to wear them at any age. Plus, they’ll easily dress up anything you wear in a matter of seconds.

Whether you consider yourself to be a classic minimalist or prefer to take on the bolder way of dressing, there are a number of brands creating the hair pieces you can pile on to your heart’s desire. Whip your hair up into a perfectly half-done and fasten it with a sleek metal barrette, or add a few dainty pins or clips to the front of your hair that’ll give your everyday cut new life; you’ll never run out of ways to style them.

If you’re ready to curate a complete collection of head-turning hair accessories, be sure to check out the following brands. These designers have made pieces that’ll make investing in the trend an effortless (and chic) decision.

Jennifer Behr

Whether you’re looking for sleek velvet bows, statement-making headbands, whimsical bobby pins and everything in-between, Jennifer Behr has any type of hair accessory you could want.

Sylvain le Hein

This Parisian hair accessory brand has the metal pieces you’ll want to wear on a daily basis. From streamlined barrettes to structural hair pins, you’re bound to garner a few compliments on these.


After gaining attraction for its playful resin barrettes and hair clips, Valet has made both fun and unique-shaped as well as sleek rectangular clips in eye-catching colors that will pop against your hair.


Love vintage-inspired pieces? Reliquia is your go-to spot. These will have pretty barrettes featuring pearls and gold details. Without a doubt, you’ll have these in your collection for years.

Lelet NY

If you have a formal occasion to attend, Lelet’s crystal pins and barrettes will be the perfect way to dress up your wardrobe. From their colorful Spectrum pieces to timeless pearls or crystals, you can’t go wrong here.


The Denmark-based brand is one to watch when it comes to making hair pieces that will stand out. Reminiscent of your favorite childhood accessories and available in a myriad of colors, you’ll never get tired of looking at these.


Though it was silk pieces that first put the designer on the map, Donni has now expanded into a variety of luxe (and comfortable) materials making them pieces you’ll want to live in — literally.