The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles On Pinterest Right Now Are Seriously Stunning


It's been going on since November — your Instagram feed is probably proof — but engagement season continues to stretch on through February. This is good news if you're one half of a couple and looking to take the next step forward in the very near future, because you've still got some time to determine your ideal engagement ring style. And if a classic round solitaire diamond, while lovely, doesn't quite have your heart fluttering, you're in luck. The most popular engagement ring styles on Pinterest are decidedly a departure from the norm, and proof that pretty, unique engagement rings are on the rise.

Whether you're somewhat patiently waiting for your person to pop the question, or looking into taking matters into your own hands — Pinterest tells The Zoe Report that "women proposing to men" searches are up on the site at 336 percent — you're likely looking into engagement rings. And because the busy engagement season means hoards of other happy couples are also taking their relationships to the next level, you're far from alone if you've been scrolling through Pinterest looking at special sparklers for that ring finger.

In fact, searches on the site for several unique styles have recently seen a major bump in activity, and if you're hoping for an engagement ring that's as individual as you or your partner, now is definitely the time to take a closer look. And because Pinterest painstakingly tracks every single trend that's on the rise, the visual platform is the perfect place to start.

Fancy yourself one for an alternative center stone? Other gemstones and non-traditional diamonds are quickly becoming popular picks amongst the engaged set. Gorgeous green emeralds placed in a yellow gold setting are trending up on Pinterest, with a 317 percent increase in searches.

If you'd prefer a more fiery stone that evokes the passion of your love, take a look at ruby engagement rings set in rose gold — they're up 104 percent on the visual search site. Or, stray from tradition by opting for a black diamond instead of the classic white. The dark stone still shines when cut with lots of facets, but gives off an edgy vibe that non-traditional brides will love.

But if you're smitten with the idea of a diamond sparkler, there are still plenty of currently-popular unique diamond styles popping up all over Pinterest. If old-world charm is totally your speed, opt for an Edwardian-style ring. The intricate setting style, which has no shortage of eye-catching antique vibes, is trending up with a 417 percent increase in recent searches. Natural, less-finished diamonds as well as super-minimal styles are also gaining popularity, in part because both can be more affordable engagement ring options.

Because diamonds are truly forever, there are certainly tons of sparkly white diamond styles still ranking high in happy couples' searches. Stunning Asscher-cut diamonds have spiked on Pinterest by an astounding 1,344 percent, likely thanks to the step-cut facets that showcase a diamond's clarity. Double-halo rings, which can help a smaller center stone seem larger, have seen a 991 percent increase, while super-unique east-west settings are up 111 percent.

Clearly, wedding bells are on the brain these days for tons of Pinterest users — and if you count yourself amongst the crowd looking into more unique engagement rings, you'll want to consider the site's currently-trending styles. Keep scrolling for more ring inspiration (and maybe drop a hint or two).

Emerald Center Stone

18K Yellow Gold Elodie Ring


Brilliant Earth

A simple yellow gold band shows off the richness and depth of this gorgeous emerald center stone.

Emerald Paeonia Ring



The delicate band and smaller emeralds and diamonds on either side of the center emerald stone make for a sweet choice.

Black Diamond

Hazeline Three Stone Ring Rose Gold & Black Diamond


Anna Sheffield

Faceted black diamonds still catch the light for subtle sparkle, and give off a moody vibe. Small white diamonds flank the center stone for added interest.

Black Diamond Aura Ring



A gorgeous rose-cut black diamond is surrounded by a halo of white diamonds, so your ring will still have that characteristic sparkle.

Edwardian Setting

Edwardian Octagonal Diamond Cluster Ring


Erica Weiner

A sweet center diamond is encased in a double-halo of smaller white diamonds for tons of sparkle. The old-world setting and scalloped gallery show off 37 total diamonds and give antique charm.

Trang Ring


Victor Barbone

This ring actually comes from a vintage diamond cluster found on a necklace. The European-cut diamond stones sparkle with every movement, and are set in a traditional Edwardian-era halo around the center stone.

Minimalist Setting

The Oval Bezel


Vrai & Oro

A simple, classic bezel setting showcases your diamond in a subtle way — you'll get sparkle, but not in an over-the-top manner.

Diamonds Cluster Ring



A cluster of diamonds still makes a statement, but because there's no single center stone, this minimalist style still feels like something you'd wear every single day (as you should).

Asscher-Cut Diamond

Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring 18k Yellow Gold


Blue Nile

Asscher-cut diamonds have enough interest to stand on their own. Choose classic yellow gold for your setting if you like a contrasting look.

Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring



Consider flanking a step-faceted Asscher-cut diamond with baguette diamonds for a classic, elegant look.

East-West Setting

The Emerald Pavé


Vrai & Oro

A classic emerald-cut diamond and pavé band gets a unique treatment with an east-west setting of the center stone. It's elegant and timeless, but with a modern twist.

Simply Tacori Horizontal Pear



Flipping a pear-shaped center stone on its side gives this ring a totally modern feel, without losing elegance.