12 Colorful Engagement Rings For The Non-Traditional Bride


If Lady Gaga's pink sapphire engagement ring suddenly has you rethinking the hints you've subtly dropped to your significant other, you're not alone. More brides are ditching traditional diamonds and gold bands for colorful engagement rings that reflect their own personal styles. Since it's going to be the one piece of jewelry you wear the most, there's no reason to not get the ring of your dreams.

You won't need to look hard to find colorful designer rings fit for a pop queen, though. Even classic jewelry brands like Tiffany & Co. are taking note of the engagement ring trend by incorporating more colors into collections, like this line of stunning yellow diamond rings. Starting at $7,400, this Tiffany Soleste ring has the popular pear shape and glam diamond halo detailing that's all over Pinterest, but with a pale gold diamond in the center.

The colorful trend isn't isolated to just the shade of your gemstone. Many designers have embraced nontraditional metals like rose gold as wholeheartedly as yellow and white golds, and the shade options are endless. The classic shape and clear diamond lets the rose gold band's pink undertones take center stage of the rose gold ILA ring, which starts at $600.

For a more subdued blush, Esqueleto has you covered: this $3,000 vintage rose gold diamond engagement ring has accumulated a dusty patina, bringing out the gold's copper element. If this one-of-a-kind piece sells out before you can get your hands on it, Esqueleto has plenty of other colorful vintage engagement rings, all with similar storied vibes.

Completely over diamond rings entirely, no matter the shade? There are plenty of brilliantly cut gemstones to choose from besides diamonds, in every color of the rainbow. Finding a non-diamond engagement ring that features shade variations of a single color is a safe bet if you're worried about coordinating with future outfits.

By including both a darker and lighter blue, the $4,980 Aquamarine Triplets Iceberg Ring by Japanese jewelry brand kataoka won't clash with whatever you want to wear in the future (even black). But if you already know which colors you always gravitate toward, go ahead and jump for the timeless look of a single gemstone ring. Retailing at $2,180, kataoka's Emerald Stardust Ring combines an electrifyingly green emerald with a textured gold band.

Still stuck on Gaga's pink sapphire ring? There are options that won't cost the same as a house. Bario Neal's ethically sourced pink sapphire ring starts at $1326, and is designed to echo the filigree carved on the bands of antique engagement rings. Two pink sapphires and one blue stone make up the Sapphire Pillar Ring from Jennie Kwon Designs, and at only $580, there's no reason not to drop hints that you want one for the holidays.

Continue scrolling down to shop the rainbow of colorful engagement rings available on the market. Whether you're just collecting ideas for your Pinterest, or are already drafting an email of links to send to a certain someone, the 12 engagement rings below will serve as a starting point to finding your dream ring.

kataoka Aquamarine Triplets Iceberg Ring



Shades of blue are always cool, especially when combining square and oval gemstones.

Tiffany Soleste Pear Shape Yellow Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in Platinum


Tiffany & Co.

Sometimes, all you want to see is that little blue box. With this yellow diamond, your engagement ring will be as colorful as the box it came in.

Bario Neal Filigree Rose Cut Oval Pink Sapphire Ring


Bario Neal

Celebrate all things pink with a pink sapphire set in rose gold.

Jennie Kwon Designs Sapphire Pillar Ring


Jennie Kwon Designs

This minimal ring works perfectly as a colorful wedding band.

kataoka Emerald Stardust Ring



Make your friends green with envy by wearing this vivid emerald ring.

Lauren Wolf Jewelry Three Diamond Cleo


Lauren Wolf Jewelry

This moody black diamond set in rose gold is majorly romantic.

Rosedale Seraphina Ring



Go for a cognac diamond if you want a neutral that still has an extra splash of color.

Petra 3.24


Victor Barboné Jewelry

This vintage-inspired ring has a GIA Certified 3.24ct Asscher cut diamond with sapphire baguettes on the side.

Ruta Reifen Tourmaline Sapphires Pear Ring


Ruta Reifen

Handmade in Brooklyn, Ruta Reifen is starting to gain buzz in the jewelry world for its bright designs and focus on responsibly sourcing materials.

Catbird Cupid's Ring



Known for its minimal gold jewelry, Catbird's engagement ring collection is literally a hidden goldmine. The appropriately named Cupid's Ring features gray diamonds and rich rubies.

One Of A Kind Blue French Cut Crossover Ring



Brides born in September will love this unique ring with a beautiful blue sapphire. On the side are two antique diamonds in a crossover design.

Through the Mist Ring in Aquamarine


Melanie Casey

This antique-inspired ring is set in solid 14k gold and has a marquise aquamarine with six white diamonds.