This Sleek End Table From Target Is Only $50 — & It Looks SO Expensive


Ah, Target. What would life be without this one-stop wonderland? The endless beauty buys and well-stocked snack aisles mean it's hard to leave without spending more than you bargained for. Luckily, Target seems to always have great sales running in its store, meaning major deals on essentials and beyond. And right now, the brand is offering up to 25 percent off on furniture plus an additional 15 percent off with the code FALL15. One such steal? This stunning-but-cheap end table under $50, which looks way more expensive than it is with its marble-effect top and bronzed base.

Eye-catching additions like the aforementioned accent table are a surefire way to elevate your living room without fully revamping it (and spending lots of money in the process). Thoughtfully placing a stylish table next to your favorite arm chair or alongside the couch gives elegance and purpose to a room with minimal effort. Just throw in a couple of Target's best home décor items — think velvet throw pillows and embroidered elements — and the room is practically interior-designer approved.

And if a marble-effect side table doesn't quite suit your living room's style, that's far from the only bargain. With bohemian and modern styles in a range of colors, there are countless accent table options coming in at under $75 with the discount.

In fact, the selections are so numerous they border on overwhelming. So, the hard work's been done for you — below is a selection of the chicest side tables on sale now. Just punch in the discount code and get ready for a freshly furnished living room in time for the new season.