The 10 Products That Make Styling My Short Hair A Breeze


All throughout my twenties, I kept my hair long, layered, and generally untouched. I have thick, naturally wavy hair that isn’t incredibly versatile in the hairstyle department (and many a hair tie has been a casualty of its volume). And while I always loved the look of a spunky, chin-length bob, I never thought it was possibility for me and my massive mane. However, after years of the same ol’ same ol’, I took the plunge and chopped it off. After a period of trial-and-error, I became an established “bob girl” — thanks to these ten key products that are perfect for short hair.

While cropped cuts are supposed to be a time-saver, many find it to be harder to manage in that you often can’t just throw it up into a bun or ponytail when your hair isn’t behaving. There’s often more styling and products involved, even for the most “effortless” of looks. I felt this firsthand in the first few months of having a chin-length bob. My go-to solution became to flat iron my naturally wavy hair to make it manageable and sleek-looking. But, of course, that gets old after a while — and wavy bobs are just as chic.

After several heart-to-hearts and unofficial hair lessons with my hair stylist, I learned a few tricks of the trade on how to spice things up with my new crop. Hair accessories, texturizing products, and some go-to hair tools have all helped me expand my horizons and keep things interesting. I've proudly worn short hair for some two years now and I feel like a connoisseur of sorts. So if you’re thinking of going the short-and-sweet route, ahead, check out the 10 life-saving products and styling tips that keep my bob game on point.


Styling Products

Because I typically go stick-straight or naturally wavy with my hair, three key products come into play and are regulars on my beauty shelf: styling mousse, hair oil, and texturizing balm.

Although I love a hair oil for any and all hair styles, I particularly love the magic it works on my sleek styling days. After I run my hair through a flat iron, I’ll lightly spritz it with an oil and smooth down any strays or wayward hairs (by hand or with a comb). It gives my hair a stunning finish.

For days I go wavy, I employ some lightweight styling mousse and texturizing spray or balm (I prefer balm!). I typically apply the mousse to my wet hair prior to styling or air-drying and then work texturizing balm to my hair post-drying and styling to help keep its shape and give it some texture.


I am a hair tool fanatic and have about seven or eight displayed proudly on my bathroom shelf. However, to be completely honest, I only really use two tools regularly (if at all) — my blow dryer and my flat iron. While a flat iron is obviously used for days I want a sleek bob, I’m also known to use it to curl my hair from time to time. Because the iron I have is rounded, it gives a nice natural-looking wave that feels more relaxed and effortless.

On days I’m in a crunch and have less than 10 minutes or so to work with my hair, I’ll typically pop my diffusing nozzle onto my blow-dryer and dry sections with warm — not hot — air. If I’m really in a pinch and can’t even be bothered with a diffuser, I put this pro tip into effect: I quickly apply a heat protectant and a bit of styling mousse into my damp hair, then twist sections of hair and blast them with my blow dryer for a few seconds. As I work my way around my head, I’ll keep my semi-dried sections twisted until I’ve given my entire head a once-over. Then, I’ll shake out my hair with my fingertips, and apply a bit of texturizing balm to the tips, then allow the rest to air dry. Both the diffuser and this little handmade technique deliver a tousled, naturally waved look that I’m kind of obsessed with.

Also, of late, I've been wearing fringe bangs, so I'll typically blow out my bangs with a round styling brush (away from my head, not toward). Because they are a bit more on the wispy side, they fall nicely around my face.

Life-Saving Accessories

This goes without saying, but chic hair accessories are ideal for making it look like you put effort into your look, even if you barely lifted a finger. Luckily, these days, the dainty and whimsical bobby pins and headbands of your childhood are back and better than ever. I’m particularly reliant on both for days I can’t be bothered with dealing with my bangs.

And for days I want to try a half ponytail, scrunchies in interesting textures and prints come into play. I actually keep a scrunchy in my handbag or work bag at all times in case of emergencies. And, if I want to go a bit more dainty with my ponytails, I’ll reach for a hair ribbon or bow, both of which have been major red carpet trends this award season.