How To Style Short Hair

Short-haired girls live with the misconception that they’re limited to the types of hairstyles that they can try. However, that’s so far from the truth. From waves, to ponytails to even topknots, shorter lengths have an endless amount of options of styles to channel. Take a cue from your favorite It-girls, as short hair is certainly more common than ever. Here, our favorite styles for shorter strands as modeled by your favorite celebrities.


Retro Waves

For a major glam moment, you can never go wrong with some Old Hollywood-inspired waves. Whip out your hair wand and get to spiraling.


Wet Look

The wet look will always be a huge one on red carpets and celebrity outings alike. The unconventional trend works particularly well for short-haired girls because, when slicked back, your hair doesn't look too wet.


Natural Curls

Natural-haired girls can play up their own texture like Lupita Nyong'o. Run your fingers through your strands with some serum for extra shine.


Faux Perm

Perms are surprisingly back. Curls will never go out of style, but going through the process of getting a perm was all the rage back in the '80s. Pull out your roller sets.


Curtain Bangs

If you prefer to wear your hair down and straight, you can always switch it up with a pair of bangs. Curtain bangs are also one of the biggest trends of the moment as displayed by Bella Hadid.

Splash News

Mini Ponytail

Kendall's mini ponytail was one of her best short-haired moments to date. She even added a cute gold accent as an accessory.


Pixie Cut

Another super bold move, the pixie. Play it up with some bangs in the front or a combover—this style leaves room for your neck to be entirely bare.


Blunt Bob

Simple, but oh-so chic. A blunt bob is one of the edgiest haircuts for short hair. Plus, it just looks so good.


Hidden Braid

Sick of a casual ponytail? Add a braid straight down the middle to make a statement in the back.



Kate Hudson made a bold move when she shaved off all of her hair last year. If you're one of the braver souls, you can go for this look, too.


Textured Curls

Curly-haired girls can have extra fun. Tease your hair a bit with a comb to make it look like you have a few extra inches.



Tired of leaving your hair down? No worries. Throw half of it up into a small ponytail and leave the rest down. Leave a few strands out in front.



Kendall has had shorter locks for quite some time now and she surprised every short-haired girl when she stepped out in a topknot. Some short lengths can still be picked up into a bun with the right amount of pins.