These Are The Best Products For Dark Brows, According To Top Makeup Artists

by Kelsey Stewart and The Zoe Report
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Strong, groomed brows are at the forefront of every good makeup look. And as the beauty industry is (finally) offering up products suited for each and every skin tone (major shoutout to Rihanna and Fenty Beauty), the selection of brow products specifically for deep skin and dark hair is full of gems these days. Even better news: TZR consulted celebrity makeup artists to find the best brow products for dark arches, and boy, did they deliver.

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“Anastasia Beverly Hills has some amazing deep dark pencils and cream eyebrow pots,” Mylah Morales, a celebrity makeup artist who regularly works with Rihanna, Willow Smith, and Nicki Minaj (just to name a few), tells The Zoe Report. She reaches for her Anastasia Beverly Hills faves when going for a more natural look, but sometimes dramatic arches are in order. If Morales wants to create a dark, sharp brow that appears almost tattooed-on, she opts for Ardell Only Stroke A Brow Feathering Pen. “It goes on very deep and very dark, almost like a felt tip pen,” she says.

“I’ve been loving all the Kelley Baker Brow products,” Ash K. Holm, the go-to makeup artist for Shay Mitchell and Jourdan Dunn, tells us. “This is a must-have brow line," she says, if only because there’s a shade for every skin tone and hair color. “I typically like to use Brown or Dark Brown for Latina and Middle Eastern skin tones, and for deep or dark skin, I would use the Dark Brown," she says.

“Senna Cosmetics has great products for women of all skin tones,” Scott Barnes, J.Lo’s go-to glam artist, tells The Zoe Report. The brand’s Brow Book is the most inclusive item in the range, with nine brow powders that range in shade from Platinum to Noir.

All that being said, there’s always the danger of going overboard with dark brow products and ending up with arches that look less-than-natural. “I find brows to look best when you go one shade lighter than your hair color,” Holm says. “If you have deep skin and black hair, using dark brown brow products looks softer, and you still have plenty of definition.”

According to all three artists, creating the perfect dark brow begins with either a pencil or powder — it all comes down to which texture you perfect to work with. “Use soft upward strokes to create a feather effect with the brush or pencil to create the look and feel of actual hair,” Morales tells us.

“It’s easy to overdo it, so start lightly filling in sparse areas and build from there to avoid looking heavy-handed,” Barnes advises.

When Camille Thompson, a celebrity makeup artist whose clients include Storm Reid and Ashleigh Murray, begins working on the brows, the first thing she does is examine the hairs. "I start off by using a clear brow gel to bush the hairs upward, or a brow wax," she says. This allows the makeup artist to see what needs to be filled in. For a more natural look, she'll apply a pencil or powder in the sparse areas, which gives the brow natural volume. "For deeper brunettes, I love using a taupe brown or a warm soft brown pencil or powder." She says that powders translate a bit more natural, whereas pencils are more defining. Lastly, Thompson brushes the brows up to blend them even more to give the most natural finish.

Holm suggests filling in the arch and the tail of the brow first for more definition, using the Kelley Baker Brow Pencil. “Always fill in the inner part of the brow last with a softer application, so the brows look feathered out in the front," she says. Once you’re done applying color, flip the pencil over to utilize the brow brush. “You can brush through the brows to make them soft and bushy,” she tells us.

Layering products is encouraged, since incorporating different textures into the look creates dimension and makes your arches appear natural, rather than drawn-on. “I like to finish with brow gel to keep the powder or pencil in place,” Morales says.

And after you've found your product roundup, Yolonda Frederick, a celebrity makeup artist response for Ciara's makeup, has a tip for brows that need taming. "After filling them in, whisk a bit of Got2b Spiking Glue into the brow with a clean mascara wand to secure your shape," the makeup artist says. "Your brows are guaranteed to look perfect the entire day!"

Ahead, discover the 28 brow products makeup artists recommend for arches as dark as your heart (or maybe just your hair).

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