10 New Beauty Products At Anthropologie That’ll Whip Your Brows Into Shape


If you only know Anthropologie as a one-stop shop for whimsical clothes and home decor, you're missing out. The curated retailer's beauty selection is actually a hidden goldmine of cult favorites and cruelty-free choices, with the latest new beauty products at Anthropologie geared toward achieving the perfect Brooke Shields brow.

The new drop of products makes perfect sense, since the tailored natural eyebrow is a hallmark of Anthropologie's fresh-faced, effortless models. Whether they’re styling autumn staples or fitted in dreamy BHLDN gowns, the models’ natural brows help nail the effortlessly cool style Anthropologie is known for.

But the goal isn't just to change up your shape. The new products are ideal for any brow goal, from adding a little color to achieving bold brows that would make Cara Delevingne jealous. Keep scrolling to shop the new eyebrow products that have landed on Anthropologie to find the perfect eyebrow product for you.

Full Brow Tweezers


Maintain any shape you please using this product's precision angle tip. Besides being the perfect contrasting mint to the pink, the non-slip finger pad aids in keeping a steady hand to help prevent any accidental plucks.

Bbrowbar Ultra Slim Brow Definer


One of the hardest tasks when filling in brows can be drawing in those eyebrow hair-thin lines. This compact pencil's slim product tip aims to eliminate frustration, with added vitamins C and E and a waterproof promise for extra perks.

Bbrowbar Nourishing Brow Oil


Like applying a conditioning scalp mask brings tired hair back to life, nourishing oil treatments specifically made for your eyebrows can rejuvenate the often-ignored hair. This overnight blend is geared toward encouraging hair growth, with a roller applicator to cut down on mess.

Bbrowbar Brow Sculpting Pomade


There are plenty of pomades on the market, but the warm shade range of Bbrowbar’s line sets it apart. These pomades are perfect for redheads and warm blondes. Thanks to founder Vanita Parti, anyone with warm hair finally won’t have to settle for ashy brows.

Full Brow Highlighter


A versatile brow highlighter is the perfect companion in the journey to natural brows. Applying a dynamic highlight to your brow bone adds dimension and balances out thicker brows, while also making your skin look dewy soft. The first two ingredients of this cruelty-free formula (vegetable oil and Candelilla Cera) are often found in natural lip balms.

Full Brow Brow Powder


Not all brow powders are created equal: Investing in a higher end powder like Full Brow’s is a good choice due to the smudge-proof formula, because no one wants to accidentally wipe off their brows when they put their hair up.

Full Brow Brow Smudge


This innovative design isolates the pigment from the applicator, allowing you to choose how much color you want to apply to your brows. The sponge tip softens application for a natural-looking brow, but the additional spooled brush is still there to smooth out any accidentally heavy-handed brows.

Full Brow Skinny Brow


At an affordable $16, this brow pencil rivals higher end options with a cruelty-free formula, a slim retractable product tip, and a firm spoolie brush designed to brush hairs into your dream shape without dragging product.

Pixi Brow Powder Palette


Never able to find the perfect match for your hair? Pixi by Petra created this customizable powder palette to solve your problem, formulated to be mixed before application to create the exact shade you want.

Eyeko Brow Game Strong All-In-One Brow Definer & Brush


Taking a page from the compact design of the mascara wand, the Brow Game Strong has an angled brush on one side that dips into brow powder kept safe on the other end of the wand.