17 Eyebrow Pencils For Gray Hair That Aren’t Too Dark

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It's common knowledge that your hair turns gray as you grow older —including the hair on your eyebrows, too. Other factors like missing particular nutrients in your diet, stress from your lifestyle, or hair pigmentation issues can also contribute to graying hairs — but that doesn't mean that your eyebrows should be sacrificed. There are a slew of gray eyebrow pencils that help you blend those hairs to oblivion (or let them shine), along with some easy tips, too.

“First, match or complement your natural eyebrow color with the pencil," makeup artist Min Ma, who works with Hailee Steinfeld and Leonardo DiCaprio, says. "I like to use fair, ashy shades and light blondes for fairer skin. The idea is to fill sparse areas and give them a shape without making them stand out too much, especially with gray coloring. Think of your brows as an accessory rather than the centerpiece."

Ma also likes to the use pencils that are larger in diameter instead of the skinny ones because they go on softer and more natural. "Again, it’s not about coloring gray color onto your brows. Instead, give them a shape,” says Ma.

But if you want to let your grays glisten, that's totally fine, too. “I’d leave them be," Ma reflects. "Enjoy them. I wouldn’t pluck because good, youthful brows should look full and natural."

Ahead, see more tips and suggestions from Ma, along with Los Angeles-based artist Michelle Quaranta, makeup artist Joanna Schlip, and Molly R. Stern, an artist whose work can be seen in publications such as ELLE and Allure.

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