8 Sweat-Proof Makeup Setting Sprays


When it’s humid outside, it can seem impossible to keep your makeup on your face. Whether you have dry or oily skin, the mugginess of summer can get the best of every complexion. But not to worry, we have the solution for every sweaty situation: setting sprays. These mists will not only keep your makeup locked in through every heatwave (even when you’re are running late), but they will also improve and protect your skin from environmental damages. Ahead, our top picks for sun-defying sprays.


Ready, Set, Go!

Blur imperfections and keep your skin matte all day with this hypoallergenic, lightweight setting spray. Carry it in your purse to always be selfie-ready.

Specifically made to prevent oily skin from getting slick, this refreshing mist uses zinc sulfate to visibly mattify the skin. The face is left grease-free and natural. Use during the day for touchups instead of a translucent powder.

We can't get enough of this delicious-smelling spray. Its smudge-proof formula minimizes fine lines and pores while also giving your face that just-applied makeup look. Spray before and after your makeup for extra insurance.

Too Faced Peach Mattifying Mist, $32

This mist is the go-to option for those who feel that setting sprays leave their complexions parched. The silky peach formula uses comfort matte technology to de-slick, leaving the skin with a hydrated finish.

This ultrafine mist goes on seamlessly and makes your makeup look like it was freshly applied all day long. Plus, it contains rose water and marine algae complex to revive overworked skin (it's perfect after stressful meetings or before a hot date).

If you constantly forget to apply sunscreen, this product will be your new favorite multitasker. It coats your complexion with a protective layer of SPF 30 and gives the skin a non-oily feel. This is a must-have for summer outdoor festivals and beach days.

Infused with TEATOXI, a blend of white, green and red tea, this setting sprays gives skin that coveted glowy (and never greasy) Hollywood skin. Store it in your fridge to keep it cool and spritz in on for a boost before your morning commute.

This drugstore favorite sprays onto the face in a fine mist for a lightweight finish, so makeup is left enhanced and crease-free.