Kaja Created A New Eyeliner That’s Going To Make Getting That Perfect Cateye So Much Easier


With most things in this life, practice makes perfect. But when it comes to crafting a cateye that's perfectly even on both sides, you can pretty much forget about it. No matter how hard you try, no matter how painstakingly slow you glide your eyeliner across your lids, it's all but guaranteed that one ends up not quite right. It's not your fault though, you just never had the right tools — until now. Enter Kaja's new Wink Stamp Wing Eyeliner, the handy cateye-perfecting stamp and liner duo that you never knew you needed. Say goodbye to squiggly eyeliner and uneven wings once and for all.

Cult-loved beauty brand Kaja's philosophy is simple: K-beauty products that are as cute as they are cutting-edge. The result of this mission statement? A line of makeup bag must-haves that effectively enhance your natural beauty and streamline your routine (all the while looking downright darling on your counter). So it's no surprise that the brand's latest innovation is a game-changer that combines the easy-to-apply liquid liner formula you want for all-day wear with a whimsical yet surprisingly effective way to nail that perfect wing every single time.

Kaja's just-dropped Wink Stamp Wing Eyeliner, $25, arrived on Sephora's website Aug. 14 with the power duo you've been waiting for to make crooked cateyes a thing of the past (finally). The star of the show is the double-ended wing stamp pen, which is shaped to create that crisp, clean wing you want for an ideal cateye. Each end is labeled left and right for foolproof application — simply position the stamp at the outer edge of your eye so that the bottom of it connects with your lower lash line and press down firmly. Lift to reveal a bold black wing.

After applying your matching set of wings, grab the stamp's coordinating liquid liner, which comes with a foolproof felt tip that glides smoothly across your lash line without tugging or skipping for a sleek, continuous line. Simply follow your lashes with the liner from inner corner outwards to connect with the outer wing on each eye — that's literally all it takes to nail the look.

Both the stamp pen and the liquid liner are made with a super-pigmented inky black hue for a seamless, high-impact finish, with a smudge-free and waterproof formula that ensures an all-day wear (because if you're gonna rock a cateye, it's safe to say you want it to last). Be sure to shake well before each use, to put fresh pigment into the stamp for a bold one-and-done wing every time.

Tired of winged liner that looks more sad than sultry? Snag Kaja's creative solution to the cateye conundrum, below.