Kaja’s New Roller Glow Balm Is The 2019 Way To Apply Your Highlighter


In this day and age, there's no shortage of beauty products that promise to make your skin glow — even in the dead of winter. There are powders, sticks, creams, and lotions galore to give you a glistening look, and if you're a self-described beauty obsessive, you've likely tried 'em all. That's about to change. Enter Kaja's new Roller Glow balm, a totally groundbreaking glow-getter that's ready to shake up the way you get your shine on in 2019.

In the beauty world today, it can be kind of hard to stand out amongst the seemingly limitless supply of products. So when something new hits shelves and it actually surprises beauty shoppers, it's well worth checking out. Case in point, K-beauty brand Kaja's brand-new Roller Glow highlighter.

Nobody would be surprised if the new launch becomes one of 2019's early success stories for the K-beauty brand, thanks to its ingenious applicator that makes it unlike every other highlighter out there. The balm-based formula, which comes in a conveniently mirrored compact, is applied with a spongey roller applicator not unlike what you use to paint a wall (except, you know, mini).

Simply roll the applicator over the balm — several times, to warm it up and transfer enough product onto the sponge — and then swipe across your skin wherever you want to get majorly glowy. For super-enhanced cheekbones, sweep the applicator in a C-shaped motion from cheek to brow, then dab a little extra product directly onto the highest point of your cheek with your finger for a strobe-like effect.

And because the balm-based formula includes pink ruby powder, as well as skin-softening jojoba seed oil, you can expect a glow that's incredibly high-impact yet still melts into skin for a dewy, fresh appearance — a tough balance to achieve with most highlighters.

Plus, thanks to the highlighter's creamy consistency and the control of a roll-on application, you can choose how much shine you want to build each time you apply. Go for a more subtle glow for the office and daytime activities, then layer on more luminizer at night for a date or drinks. Basically, it's your all-in-one tool to help you nail a high-shine look this year.

If Kaja's newest drop is any indication, 2019 is positioning itself as a pretty revolutionary year in the beauty world. And with lifestyles increasingly on-the-go, it's exciting to see products that provide ease of use and pretty results. Shop the just-launched Kaja luminizer below.