This Iconic Jennifer Aniston Beauty Look From 2001 Is Still Worth Copying

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Jennifer Aniston has rocked a multitude of looks throughout the years.

When you think of Jennifer Aniston, it's impossible not to recall her remarkable acting skills, unparalleled fashion sense in Friends, or her unforgettable Rachel haircut that will forever be symbolic of the '90s (and so on). But what you might have accidentally glossed over are Jennifer Aniston's most iconic beauty looks, which are equally worthy of attention.

You might be more familiar with her go-to fresh-faced appearance that she's been donning for the last two decades or so, but starting in the grunge era and up until the early aughts, she was flaunting red lips, gray eyeshadow, and contrasting lip liner — she even tested the waters with brunette hair and goth-inspired eyeliner.

While other stars like J.Lo, Gwen Stefani, and Mariah Carey have received recognition for their skinny brows, muted lip colors, and bold eyeliner throughout the decades, Aniston is a bit of an undercover icon herself when it comes to makeup. The celeb has proven that she's a master of picking the perfect lipstick, a fan of shimmery eyeshadows, and that she truly can pull off any kind of eyebrow.

Ahead, see the show-stopping beauty moments the star has experimented with throughout the years.

Rosy Flush and Gloss

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While on the red carpet in London, during a special screening of The Morning Show, Aniston rocked a soft pink blush with a twin lip gloss. Matching her lips and cheeks is a technique that's often seen on the actor during events — whether it's pink, peach, or nude — and is a way for makeup minimalists to try out the monochrome trend that's been so popular this year.

Fuchsia-Colored Lipstick

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This punchy pop of fuchsia on Aniston's lips shows how easy it is for a bold lip color to brighten up your complexion. For the perfect lip, Aniston's makeup artist Jillian Dempsey has shared that she pats her lips with blotting paper for staying power. This particular lip was paired with a matching blush, eyeliner, and some beachy waves for a look that's glamorous without heaps of effort.

Dusty Red Lipstick

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With a color this good, it won't be surprising if it has a resurgence in popularity come fall. A dusty red lip is a great middleground between a classic red lip and a nude, and Aniston's look from 1999 shows how to pull it off perfectly. She keeps all the emphasis on her lip color by choosing pared down eye makeup and leaving her brows shaped but understated.

Gray Eyeshadow and Thin Brows

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Aniston was all about working in the trends of the decade and she frequently opted for thin brows and muted red lips. The addition of the gray eyeshadow to this look makes for some amazing '90s inspiration, especially since she's rocking a trend she started — The Rachel.

Nude Lip and Silver Eyeshadow

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Another spot-on '90s look came during the VH1 Divas Live concert in 1998. Alongside of silky twists and a half-up 'do, Aniston worked a lip liner that was slightly darker than her gloss, super skinny brows, and silver eyeshadow, basically encapsulating everything you could ever want from a look out of the grunge era.

Copper Eyeshadow

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A sweeping coat of shimmery copper eyeshadow instantly warms up Aniston's winter look from the 27th Annual People's Choice Awards in 2001. Even though it's chilly, her bronzed complexion and warm-toned lipstick make for a look that shakes off the cold and is still trendy to this day. She also worked in her iconic '90s red lip, but added a splash of gloss to switch things up.

Blue Eyeliner

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Incorporating color doesn't always have to be a bold statement. This colorful version of Aniston's classic look features a whisper of blue eyeliner on her lower lashline, which is the perfect way to add in a splashy hue that won't compete with her pink lip. The peach-colored blush also helps everything pop and pulls together the entire summer-inspired look.

Perfectly Lined Eyes

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Wearing eyeliner on your water line might bring up cringey memories from your years of makeup experimentation during high school, but this edgy goth look on Aniston from 1997 makes a case for giving it a go once more. The mix of brown and gray eyeshadows and a mauve pink lip make this another '90s makeup masterpiece.

Bold Brows

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Aniston's brunette hair, bold brows, and red lipstick from 1992 is a showstopping look, which also happens to have a completely different vibe from the blonde locks and neutral colors she's rocked for the last 20+ years. While the look didn't stick around for long, it proved that the star can pull off literally anything when it comes to beauty.

The Classic Jennifer

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Aniston doesn't stray too far from her stunning classic look these days, which toes the line between laid-back and glam. It's California chic at its finest, and usually consists of a nude glossy lip, a subtle matching blush, perfectly filled in brows, bold lashes, and a satin complexion.