This Controversial ‘90s Hair Trend Just Got J.Lo’s Stamp Of Approval

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Jennifer Lopez wearing a black dress and diamond jewelry with a tousled updo
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Huge piece of advice: if you’re skeptical of trying out an old trend that could easily be a beauty fail, just wait until J.Lo does it. Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton — aka Super Bowl hair extraordinaire — blessed the world with a post on March 10 featuring J.Lo's chunky highlights. Which means that, yes, Lopez has officially given the '90s look her stamp of approval — and though you may not have expected it, the time has come to embrace the once cringe-worthy trend.

Though Appleton's post of the singer and actor featured quite a few noteworthy beauty details — an impossibly sleek and shiny bun, neon nails, and lashes that seemed to go on forever — the real star of her look was the throwback style that Lopez pulled off flawlessly. In her slicked-back 'do, the stylist called attention to the thick, contrasting highlights by keeping them separated and *very* shiny using Color Wow's Extra Shine Spray (according to one of his answers in the comments).

Considering Appleton posted a photo of Lopez just hours later with considerably fewer chunky hues running through her hair, it's worth noting that the singer may have already been wearing the highlights in more subtle ways. But though there's certainly been hints of starkly contrasting strands in her hair, this is the first time (in recent history, at least) that she and her stylist have wholeheartedly embraced a full-on chunky effect that was so ubiquitous in the '90s.

While you might still hold the belief that the words “chunky” and “highlights” belong in two separate sentences, Lopez isn't the only one to don this controversial trend as of late. The look has been making its comeback since 2019, with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Dua Lipa taking it for a spin.

But, as each new iteration proves, the trend has (thankfully) evolved since its inception. Though you can certainly go to the extreme with high-contrast streaks, the most modern version of the look offers a more subtle alternative.

To achieve it, ensure that the highlights you're going for are the same temperature. If your hair is cooler, stick with cool-toned highlights. Case in point: Lopez's milk chocolate brown hair is a warm tone, so the warm caramel blonde highlights are a stunning match.

J.Lo's official blessing of the trend has been made, so call your colorist ASAP — and in the meantime, start stocking up on some hair-protecting products, ahead.

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