This Expert Tip Can Turn Your Living Room Into A Chic Art Gallery

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There are certain design elements you've mastered in your home, like artfully arranging the throw pillows on your couch or knowing which nooks could really use another plant. But one that tends to be elusive to many is how to arrange (and even select) wall art like the pros. Poring over images on Instagram or Pinterest may offer a bit of inspiration, but there are so many factors to consider in your own space, like the size of the room, your personal style, and of course, your budget. With all that to think about, this can be a particularly daunting design project. Thankfully, with a little help from the experts, you can break it down into something a lot more digestible.

First step: Figuring out what the heck to put on your walls in the first place. Kate Hoffman, founder and CEO of Spacey Studios, suggests thinking about this like you'd shop for clothing. "Discovering, buying, and wearing your favorite fashion brands is just like discovering, buying, and living with an art collection," she says. "Art and fashion are both forms of personal expression, style, and storytelling."

Start the process of finding the perfect pieces by narrowing it down to which room you're decorating, then — as Hoffman recommends — think about how you want that space to feel. "Do you want your office to energize or relax you? Your living room to feel playful or sophisticated? Your kitchen to feel social or intimate?" she asks.

Once you've answered these questions, it may be easier for you to find pieces that match up with the mood you're trying to create. And if you still need a bit more direction, Hoffman has a few more tips. "Cool tones feel calming while warm tones often feel passionate," she says, "Line drawings may feel sophisticated while geometric shapes represent boldness. Abstract works inspire your imagination while realism reflects perspective."

As for the way to arrange your newly acquired works of art (or the ones you've been dying to finally hang up), designer Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions has a few tricks of the trade to suggest. Ahead, find her four best tips for displaying wall art — one of which is sure to suit your home decor style.


Embrace Uniformity

If a modern, minimalist vibe is what you're striving to create in your home, Leferink suggests opting for prints of same size and type frames, hung symmetrically. She adds that IKEA is s great source for buying multiple frames without spending a lot.

Try Layering

Add some dimension by overlapping pieces of differing sizes. "Hang frames from pegs and layer the smaller frames over the larger ones," says Leferink.

Create A Collage

If it's an eclectic look you're after, combine a diverse collection of pieces — mixing vintage prints with the investment-worthy works in your budding collection — to create your gallery wall. To really nail this style, be sure to switch up the scale and types of frames. "If you want to make it feel more modern or less busy, use only black and white photos," recommends Leferink. "We love using frames from vintage stores, antique shops, or thrift stores."

Stack On Shelves

You don't need a hammer and nails to deck your walls. "Stack picture frames on ledge shelving," advises Leferink. "This is the least committal way to showcase artwork and you don’t even need to put a hole in the wall to hang the art. Change out as frequently as you’d like!"

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