Hanging A Stunning Gallery Wall, Demystified

Gallery walls are a gorgeous way to elevate your space while infusing it with your personality—but getting every piece exactly right is definitely one of the more intimidating home decor ventures. So we turned to Susan Tynan, founder and CEO of Framebridge, a company that provides high-quality, made-in-the-US custom frames at affordable prices. (They’re currently partnering with CB2 on a collection of exclusive custom-framed art prints from five modern, on-trend artists.) Here, her top three tips to demystify the art of the perfect gallery wall.

Style By Emily Henderson

Well Hung

Framebridge/Leslee Mitchell

Create A Collection

"First—don't stress!" says Susan. "Gallery walls are supposed to look like collections, and collections evolve over time." When adding pieces to your gallery wall, she says to build it up and out from your original arrangement, and to keep two to three inches between each frame. (Otherwise they can look smushed together.)

Framebridge/Daily Overview

Tell A Story

"Think of your gallery wall as a way to tell your story," Susan says. "Add things that mean something to you, like a framed scarf that belonged to your fashion-forward grandma or a menu from your favorite restaurant." Another recommendation: "Every time you go on a trip, find a piece to add."

Framebridge/Kate Worum

Lay It Out

"For the initial layout, think about your gallery as if it were one large single piece of art," says Susan. If it will hang above a piece of furniture, she recommends that the bottom of your lowest piece hangs five to eight inches above the top of the furniture. If your gallery will hang on an empty wall, the center of the arrangement should hang about 57 inches above the floor, according to Susan.