Farmacy’s New Face Oil Is Ultra-Hydrating — & Not Just For Your Skin


What's better than a clean, effective, natural ingredient-filled face oil that gives you unprecedented levels of glow? Not much, actually, unless said oil also happens to be a seemingly magical multi-tasker that you can also use on your hair (and practically anywhere else you can think of). That's the whole idea behind Farmacy's Honey Grail face oil, a unique, versatile hydrator that's sure to become a holy grail must-have on beauty shelves everywhere. Do yourself a favor and buy a bottle now.

It doesn't take a genius to gather the fact that CBD is having a moment in the beauty industry — the stuff is seriously everywhere. But it's not the only naturally-derived ingredient enjoying the spotlight. Honey has been steadily popping up in products all over the clean beauty space, from antibacterial manuka honey healing potions to black bee honey and royal jelly face masks. And if you're a fan of non-toxic, natural beauty brand Farmacy, you likely know it's got a line of bestselling honey-filled buys too.

Now, Farmacy is expanding its honey collection even further with the release of its new Honey Grail Ultra-Hydrating Face Oil, $48 on the brand's website. The newly-dropped hydrator obviously leans on Farmacy's own proprietary buckwheat honey as the hero ingredient, along with sea buckthorn and a blend of five botanical oils (hibiscus, rosehip, evening primrose, crambe and sunflower) to create a quick-absorbing, lightweight oil that instantly moisturizes for a dewy, natural glow.

The honey that Farmacy uses in its products comes from the bees that pollinate the brand's exclusive echinacea flowers, which infuses the honey with a potent dose of antioxidants. That means the ingredient, which is already a natural antibiotic, is even more powerful in Farmacy's Honey Grail oil. Mixed together with vitamin-rich sea buckthorn and omega fatty acid-filled flower oils, and you've got a supremely hydrating super-oil that repairs, protects, and revitalizes your skin. Please, and thank you.

Apply several drops directly to your face with fingertips, or mix it into your favorite moisturizer or foundation for an extra dose of lasting hydration. But don't stop there — work some of the oil into your cuticles to cure dry, cracked skin around your nails, and apply it to your hair to tame fly-aways or give splitting ends some TLC. Bonus: Your hair will look extra shiny and healthy after use (no sad, dry summer strands in sight).

Below, snag yourself a bottle of Farmacy's fresh multitasking oil, and head to the brand's site to discover the rest of its honey collection. Your face, skin, and hair will be happy you did.