Manuka Honey Benefits Your Hair, Skin, And So Much More

If Manuka honey wasn’t so inherently good for you, I’d say I have an unhealthy obsession with the stuff. I gulp down a spoonful with my morning vitamins, I use it in DIY hair masks, I wash my face with it every single night (and I instruct anyone who will listen to me to do the same). But as it stands, my fanatical interest in this particular type of honey is totally healthy. With antioxidant, antibacterial, and humectant properties, Manuka honey benefits your skin, hair, and so much more — and modern beauty brands are fully on board.

A recent influx of Manuka-focused products may make it seem as if Manuka honey is The Next Big Thing (including L’Oreal’s entire line of Manuka skincare and Cannuka’s buzzy blend of Manuka and CBD), but the substance has actually been hailed as a wound-healer and skin savior for centuries in its native New Zealand. “For more than 2,000 years, this honey has been utilized as a natural home remedy for improving skin health,” Dr. Rocio Rivera, Vice President and Head of Scientific Communications for L’Oréal Paris, tells The Zoe Report. Traditionally, it’s known to heal burns, cuts, and scrapes — hospitals and burn units all over the world still use medical-grade Manuka — thanks to “its unusually high antibacterial activity,” Dr. Tanuj Nakra, a dermatologist and the co-founder of AVYA Skincare, tells TZR. Today, it’s more well-known for its acne-fighting and glow-ifying properties.

Savor Beauty

To be clear, garden-variety honey is great for skin and hair, too. “All honey has the enzyme glucose oxidase, which releases [antibacterial] hydrogen peroxide,” Dr. Rivera says. But Manuka honey takes this to the next level thanks to ultra-high levels of an antibacterial substance called methylglyoxal. “This powerful antibacterial activity makes it a wonderful complement to acne-control skincare products,” Dr. Nakra tells TZR, noting that Manuka simultaneously kills blemish-causing bacteria and supports the skin’s natural healing process to clear up breakouts like that. DIY enthusiasts often use raw Manuka honey as a spot treatment for this reason (it’s sticky but works wonders, I swear).

“Well-designed scientific studies have also shown that Manuka honey can provide benefits for healing cellular damage from sun exposure,” Dr. Nakra says — and it may even keep said cellular damage from happening in the first place. “Manuka honey is rich in antioxidants,” Angela Kim, the founder of Savor Beauty, tells The Zoe Report. As such, it prevents signs of premature aging (like fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and inflammation) often caused by environmental aggressors. This makes Manuka especially beneficial for the scalp, since this oft-overlooked area of the skin is continuously exposed to UV and environmental pollution.

Girl Undiscovered

If luminous skin and high-shine hair is what you’re after, Manuka can help in that department, too. “It’s a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture to the skin,” Michael Bumgarner, the founder of Cannuka, writes to TZR in an email. “This makes it an effective hydrator without causing oiliness, improving complexion and reducing wrinkles,” Dr. Nakra explains. It functions in much the same way for hair, drawing in moisture and sealing it into the cuticle. The result? Super-soft and shiny strands.

Dr. Nakra adds that Manuka honey benefits “skin turgor,” which is essentially a marker of skin’s elasticity (or its ability to “bounce back”). The ingredient also boasts a potent dose of docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, an Omega-3 fatty acid that helps strengthen the skin’s barrier. “Because of this, it can be particularly helpful for people with sensitive skin conditions like rosacea or eczema,” Dr. Aanand Geria, a dermatologist with Geria Dermatology, tells The Zoe Report. Is there anything Manuka can’t do? (Answer: Not really.)


Not just any Manuka honey can deliver all of these beauty benefits, though. Each batch of Manuka is given something called a Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) to denote its level of bioactivity. “When looking for a highly active product, we strongly recommend consumers look at the UMF level and ensure it’s been certified by UMFHA — the gold standard that measures the compounds that make up real Manuka,” Corey Blick, the SVP Comvita North America, tells TZR. “This can range from UMF 5+ to UMF 20+; 20+ indicating the highest and rarest level of active compounds.” Blick recommends a rating of 10+ and above for skincare and hair care; lower doses are better for ingesting (because, yes, you can eat Manuka honey by the spoonful, too).

Bee warned (sorry, I had to): Those allergic to bees probably shouldn’t test the power of Manuka. “As a raw, naturally produced biologic agent, it can cause reactions,” Dr. Nakra says. And if you're worrying about the stickiness factor, don't. When blended with other ingredients, this honey doesn't feel tacky at all — just smooth and soothing.

Ahead, 13 ways to sweeten your skincare and hair care routines with the multitasking power of Manuka honey.

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Healing Skin Balm



“Cannuka is the unique combination of cannabis (CBD) and Manuka honey — this is our one-two punch in healing skin,” Bumgarner says. “CBD has such amazing anti-inflammatory properties; pair that with the medical-grade honey that is used in hospitals all around the world to heal skin wounds and you have yourself a winner.” Reach for Cannuka’s Healing Skin Balm to cultivate an enviable glow.

Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition All Over Paraben Free Honey Balm


L'Oreal Paris

“L’Oréal Paris formulas with Manuka honey help strengthen skin’s ability to retain nourishing moisture and relieve dryness on the skin,” Dr. Rivera says. The Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition All Over Paraben Free Honey Balm can be used anywhere you need a boost — on face, neck, chest, or hands.

Manuka Honey Mask


Savor Beauty

“It’s best to use our Manuka Honey Mask weekly,” Kim says. “You can also apply in the shower; allow the steam to melt honey into skin and take off the mask using warm water.”

Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm



Those with dry skin will fall in love with Naturopathica’s Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm. In addition to the powerhouse ingredient, it includes probiotics to keep the skin’s microbiome healthy and sodium hyaluronate (a relative of hyaluronic acid) to boost hydration.

Replenishing Facial Oil


Manuka Doctor

This unique formula features Manuka oil (harvested from the same bush as Manuka honey) alongside skin-brightening rosehip oil and antioxidant raspberry seed oil for a mixture that hydrates and protects like no other.

Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask


Glow Recipe

Avocado may be the star ingredient in Glow Recipe’s latest mask, but Manuka steals the show. Apply before bed and wake up *so* soft and glowy.

Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Honey Eye Gel


L'Oreal Paris

“The Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition line has been specifically formulated for mature skin,” Dr. Rivera tells TZR. “It also features nurturing oils such as camelia, olive, and coconut oils. The products are free of parabens and mineral oil and are not sticky.” This under-eye rollerball treatment is a standout.

Goat Milk Moisturizing Cleanser


Kate Somerville

Milk and honey, anyone? Kate Somerville’s soothing cleanser blends the sweet substance with protein-rich goat milk to keep sensitive skin free from irritation.

Stumbled Across Paradise Face Mask


Girl Undiscovered

“Kanuka honey is like Manuka honey’s little sister, not as well known but equally as good!” Charlotte Devereux, the co-founder and product director of Girl Undiscovered, tells The Zoe Report. “Kanuka honey has been used to treat abrasions by the Native New Zealand Maori for hundreds of years, and it is known to be a beneficial ingredient to calm and cleanse for clearer-looking skin.” Treat yourself to the ancient healing ingredient with the brand’s Stumbled Across Paradise Face Mask.

UMF™ 20+ Manuka Honey



A UMF 20+ jar of Comvita Manuka honey is as good as it gets for DIY beauty. Use this as a daily cleanser (just mix with warm water and massage onto skin), a 20 minute mask, or a spot treatment to take down active pimples. As a hair treatment, it’s best mixed with melted coconut oil and left on the scalp (or split ends) for a half hour.

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Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque



Infuse dry, damaged hair with a hit of moisturizing honey by slathering on a coat of SheaMoisture’s Manuka-heavy mask. Expect silky-smooth, hydrated hair in just 20 minutes.

Manuka Flower Honey Leave-In Conditioning Cream



This conditioning cream from Palmer’s is heavy enough to repair damage but light enough to wear as a leave-in treatment all day long.

Manuka Honey & Apricot Moisture Shampoo


Hair Food

The brand name says it all: Feed your hair with this nutrient-rich rinse. Manuka pairs well with apricot extract to cleanse without stripping your scalp of its natural oils.