Copycat Kim & Kanye's House (For Less) With These Essential Pieces

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Think what you will about their status as pop culture icons, but you've got to admit that Kim and Kanye's house is a work of art — literally. The world recently got an inside look at the couple's Calabasas home via Architectural Digest, and the tour revealed a unique mix of comfortable (read: kid-friendly) and creative pieces, mostly custom made or curated by acclaimed artists and designers.

Both celebrities have never exactly been strangers to the spotlight, so it was expected that their home feature some dramatic and over-the-top elements, like those sink-less sinks, their now infamous fridge, or the sprawling, stark white hallway where their kids frequently play and put on performances. What wasn't expected was just how actually livable — as well as aspirational and inspirational — it was in places. In fact, good news for those who immediately mood boarded images of the minimalist, revamped "McMansion": You can get the look — for less. Or a few key elements at least.

From statement-making art that's totally worthy of an investment (yet a whole lot less than what the couple spend) to the mostly white palette, there are some crucial takeaways that are a lot more accessible than you'd expect, and can get you the chic, artsy, and totally put-together look even without Kim and Kanye's budget. Ahead find some of the essentials that can help you nail it.

Equally Comfy & Cool Seating

In the interview, Kanye mentioned that the kids actually had a lot more influence on the home's design than you might think upon looking at the extremely minimalist space (seriously, where are the toys?). But one place you can see where form meets function is the furniture, particularly the soft but sculptural chairs in the living room. Though slightly different in shape, this armless style from Article would totally be approved by the couple.

Sculptural Modern Art

Arguably, everything in Kim & Kayne's home is art, but amid the furniture and decor are a few actual modern art pieces. A one-of-a-kind piece would be the best way to live like the Wests, and if you to have a little coin to spend, you can try a site like Tappan Collective that actually offers a range of prices that are ideal for a budding collector. But if you're on a tight budget and are super creative, you can always try a DIY approach.

Neutral Dinnerware Set

You'll notice in Kim and Kayne's open-shelf kitchen an utterly satisfying display of uniform, neutral-colored dishware. This is something you can do that won't cost a lot, but provides so much payoff.

Ring Light Mirror

Kim said that one of her favorite things about the home was the selfie-friendly lighting in her bathroom. For a mini version, opt for a vanity mirror with a ring light. This one also has a sculptural design and marble base that makes it extra Kim-style.

Accents In Luxurious Materials

From what's shown in the photos, there's not a whole lot of decor accents in the West home. Less is absolutely more, but what is there is made of luxe materials, think cashmere throws or marble storage vessels.

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