This Unique Feature Makes Kim & Kanye's Bathroom Perfect For Selfie-Taking

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If you've ever cruised the star's Instagram — or caught a recent episode or two of Keeping Up With The Kardashians — you probably already had some clue that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's house is what some would describe as a little "extra." Previously, their Calabasas home was buzzyworthy for its seemingly sink-less sinks, then it was Kardashian's complicated fridge situation. But now the world is getting a much closer look, with the help of a new Architectural Digest feature and interview with the power couple.

While the two enlisted a team of architects and designers to complete the seven-year-long project of transforming what West describes as a "McMansion" into a livable art installation — most notably Belgian designer Alex Vervoordt, who's known for his wabi-sabi style — both the media mogul and her musician husband had a huge hand in how it all turned out. And so did their four children, in fact.

But that's not the only thing that might surprise you about this minimalist oasis. During an interview for A+D, the couple not only shared some of their favorite things to watch on TV (Dateline for Kardashian, Rick & Morty for West), but also discussed their favorite part of the home, how having kids shaped the whole concept, and of course, where Kardashian can can't stop taking selfies. For details on those facts and more, read ahead.

It's Literally Made For Selfie-Taking

While Kardashian first states that their personal movie theater is a great place to take one of her signature selfies (she loves using a flash for them), she later explains that their sprawling bathroom has one major feature that make it the room she's most likely to be found snapping away: The lighting. Specifically, Kim explains that the light is a ceiling-sized panel she says has an especially smoothing, flattering effect that makes this the ideal place to start her day feeling super body-positive.

Having Kids Played A Huge Role In The Design

It's funny to imagine kids running amok in what appears to be a perfectly spotless, all-white home decorated with contemporary art pieces and expensive, sculptural furniture. But West explains that it was actually having a family that truly shaped the design. He mentions that to make more room for playing (skateboarding, cruising around on scooters), they actually removed a ton of architectural elements like stairs — which explains some of the simplistic design.

Yes, The Sinks Are Still There — For Now

As for those infamous sinks in their spa-sized bathroom? Yes, Kardashian and West currently still have unique design, but explain that their architect is actually working on some new ones.

Kim Never Goes In The Pool, But It's Still The Best Place To Hang

When asked when the last time Kardashian was in their redesigned pool, her response was rather shocking: "Never." But that doesn't stop the rest of her family and guests from enjoying this as a hang spot. Since they don't have a jacuzzi, the pool is kept super-warm all year round, and the first step is extra large, so little ones can hang out in very shallow water or you can just get your feet wet if you're not in the mood to swim.

Kanye's Favorite Room Isn't A Room At All

As for West's favorite room? Well, it's not really a room at all. First, he says that in terms of a collaborative effort with Vervoordt, the massive white hallway — where daughter North says she loves to have dance competitions — is the one he's most pleased with. Later, when specifically prompted about his favorite room he points to a sculpture by Anish Kapoor in the living room, in which he says he'd like to live.

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