One Thing To Copy From Kim Kardashian's Famous Kitchen That Will Make It So Much More Sustainable


Regardless of how you feel about the Kardashians, you can't help but acknowledge their impact. From making shapewear totally chic to championing prison reform (bet you didn't see that coming), the family — particularly Kim — has been trying to expand how she uses her lofty platform these days. Her latest surprising contribution? How to make your kitchen eco-friendly.

That's right: When the Skims founder recently shared an image of the brand's latest cotton undies on Instagram, viewers actually had their eyes glues to something else — her exceptionally bare fridge, which held little more than a few containers of milk. After the internet started freaking out, Kardashian responded with a tour inside her actual kitchen — or rather kitchens — which include not one, but three refrigerators, two pantries, and a culinary gadget everyone will soon have on their wish list (more on that later).

While largely aspirational, there are actually some key takeaways from the tour that you can use to make your kitchen more sustainable, the Kim Kardashian way — and they go beyond just using cleaner cleaning products (although that's a good one, too). So while the chef-quality appliances may not be exactly accessible for you, you can cop three of her most eco-friendly practices — which is arguably a whole lot more important. See them all ahead.

Reduce Your Plastic

As Kardashian led viewers into her massive, extremely minimalist pantry, she pointed out the fact that her household was actively reducing the amount of plastic. For one, dry goods were all stored in glass containers, which allows for bulk shopping and therefore less packaging overall. In her beverage fridge (yup, she's got one just for drinks), she opted for waters, milks, and soft drinks in glass, aluminum, or cardboard containers — no single-use plastic.

Upon examination of Kim's "real" fridge, a restaurant-caliber walk-in, you can see tons of loose fruits and veggies. While some plastic was still present (bagged lettuce, fruit containers), the mogul also mentioned that the family plans to grow their own produce, which should cut down on it even more.

Eat More Plant-Based Foods

Kardashian is transparent with her followers about her latest fitness and food obsessions — and recently she's admitted to sticking to a plant-based diet (which explains all that non-dairy milk). While some people choose this diet for health or ethical reasons, there's also a sustainability factor, as meat production is noted to have a massive carbon footprint. If you've been considering consuming less animal products, make the transition a whole lot easier by grabbing one of many cookbooks as a way to stay inspired.

Cut Down On Takeout

Building off the tip above, cooking more at home will also cut down on the waste that comes from consuming too much takeout. One way Kardashian has cut back? Investing in a gadget that let's her enjoy her favorite healthy dessert from home: A frozen yogurt machine. Just like most of her appliances, this one is the kind restaurants have, but you can find similar, more accessible versions. The important takeaway here is finding ways to scale back on your consumption so there's less waste overall (including all those plastic containers).