The Easy (& Genius) Home Design Tip Billy Porter Swears By

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There's not much that Billy Porter can't pull off: From mechanical fringe hats to tuxedo ballgowns — and he's really only been on fashion's radar for a few short years (imagine what's to come!). That being said, he's a major source of style inspiration to many and, therefore, surely has some words of wisdom that go even beyond what you wear. That's probably why Airbnb tapped the Pose star as a judge in its latest effort, and co-created a Billy Porter design guide that will help create the chicest space.

The guide comes as a result of the recently announced Unique Airbnb Fund, which is giving 10 winners $100,000 each to create their own unique, dreamy rental. The contest was inspired by the 70-percent increase in searches for out-of-the-box accommodations — something the travel site knows all too well, considering you can use it to book a stay in treehouses, literal caves, and even an elephant-shaped roadside attraction, among other quirky and cool spaces.

Porter joins Big Idaho Potato Hotel superhost Kristie Wolfe (her expertly decorated and super popular rental pictured below) and architecture firm MVRDV to choose the most deserving winners. Personal essays are being accepted now through April 15, but Airbnb also got the daring red carpet darling to offer wisdom to anyone who wants to make their space feel a bit more inspired. Ahead, find his six best tips for giving your home the mini makeover it deserves — or serve as a jumping off point for your contest entry.

Kallista Leonardos for Airbnb

Show Your True Colors

"You don’t need a red carpet to make a fashion statement," says the celebrated performer and fashion muse in an emailed press release from Airbnb. "Your home is the perfect place to practice self-expression and bring your most authentic self to the table."

Don't Be Afraid To Go Big

"Some people say less is more, but I think the more you can push the limits, the better," Porter says. "Don’t be afraid to explore various prints, patterns, styles, and colors. Be bold and take risks. Life is full of color — why shouldn’t your home be?"

Go On An Inspiration Journey

Take a walk, go on a day trip to a local museum, explore new spaces that might get your creative juices flowing in a totally unexpected way. "Look around — there is inspiration all around you," advises Porter. "Sometimes the simplest things can spark the most amazing ideas."

Create A (Fun) Focal Point

Not sure where to start? Porter suggests narrowing it down to one statement piece (like a sculptural chair or an accent wall) and then working around that. "Identify the focal point of your design or concept and build everything from there," he says.

What's Old Is New Again

Porter points out that in the fashion world, trends always find a way of coming back around — and the same can be applied to your home decor. "What old items can you reimagine and repurpose?" he asks. "Bring them to life in a new, unexpected and exciting way."

Employ The Coco Chanel Rule

Editing is also an important part of any design project. That said, Porter suggests taking heed of Coco Chanel's infamous piece of advice for dressing: After you think you're done, give it a last look and remove one thing. "We don’t want to be garish, darlings," says the style icon.

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