7 Skincare Brands Like The Ordinary With Affordable, No-Frills Products

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As covetable as glass, porcelain, dumpling, etc., skin is, it can be an expensive endeavor. In fact, many brands at the top of the skincare royalty pyramid offer products that cost upwards of $500. It can be tempting to drop cash on those pretty, luxurious goods, to be sure; but when you factor in your many living expenses, splurging on skincare can start to seem like it's just not worth it for many. But, many thanks to affordable, no frill-ingredient skincare brands like The Ordinary, which often make it easy to achieve skin akin to a baby's bottom while on a budget.

Only have $10 in your pocket? What about $8? Or even $6? Yeah, you could still get one of The Ordinary's fan-favorite products, like the Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%. That's because the Canadian brand is serious about transparency and science-based ingredients, which, in turn, lead to low prices and high-quality, targeted products. So, even though the names are long and technical, all The Ordinary products — mainly oils, solutions, and treatments — ring in at under $20.

But while The Ordinary may be one of the most popular, it isn't the only brand taking the no-frills approach to skincare. Ahead, get to know seven other affordable, no-games skincare brands, and smile because you're about to save a whole lot of money.

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