This Unexpected Trend Will Take Your Decor Into Fall Seamlessly

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The past few months you've probably given yourself a good workout simply by just moving furniture and accessories around, but if you're still itching for a change-up in terms of your home's aesthetic, looking to the next season might be the next step. Well, fall is officially in sight, as are the biggest fall 2020 home decor trends. According to a ton of successful interior designers, you don't have to do a major overhaul to start transitioning your space. With just a few key additions or changes, you can set a totally different mood with ease.

Of course there are all the usual suspects when it comes to decorating for fall: The warm, earthy colors, the richer textures, and scents that invoke a cozy feeling no matter what time of year. But experts say there are also a few unexpected trends this year that are a fresh take on the season, including ways to play with your lighting, as well as a design detail that's making a massive comeback. A few top designers have weighed in and narrowed it down to six in particular that you can try now — in big or small ways. Find them all ahead, as well as some examples that can help you nail the look in your home.

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Fall 2020 Home Decor Trend: Texture & Layering

"Oh to feel and touch layers of neutral textiles — such an easy switch up to make your space feel fresh, yet comfortable," says Kari Arendsen of Intimate Living Interiors. "Textural throws, layered area rugs, and chunky, oversized knit pillows are a great way to accomplish this in an effortless and approachable way." Another fabric that can instantly give a fall feel? Velvet. "Velvet upholstered furniture is such a fun trend for fall," says Molly Kidd of Light & Dwell. But for a quicker and more affordable fix, you can always opt for a pillow cover instead.

Fall 2020 Home Decor Trend: Rattan Accents

It's not just for patios anymore. "Rattan is having a huge moment," says Mary Patton of Mary Patton Design. Shopping the latest furniture pieces at major decor retailers, you'll probably notice lots of rattan details this season, but Patton also offers a potentially cheaper alternative. "If you don’t want to invest in new furniture, you can find vintage rattan mirrors on sites like Etsy and Chairish," she adds.

Fall 2020 Home Decor Trend: Monochromatic Palettes

"I love the rainbow, but a new design trend is keeping colors together," Patton says. "For example, if you have a blue sofa, invest in some blue pillows. Mixing soft muted creams and whites are also having a big moment."

And if you love a classically fall hue, go all in on warm earth tones that give a nod to foliage. "I love the color range that I can only describe as rusty-rosy-caramel-persimmon for fall," says Mel Bean of Mel Bean Interiors. "In trying to communicate a description of the perfect color, we were delighted to discover [that] Sherwin Williams' 2019 color of the year, Cavern Clay, is exactly this!" And Kidd adds that golds, olives, tans, and browns can have a similarly cozy effect on your space.

Fall 2020 Home Decor Trend: Layered Lighting

Arendsen loves to layer lighting to evoke emotion or otherwise dramatically change up a space by highlighting moments of interest. And Patton agrees, noting that she's particularly drawn to the use of candlelight for fall. "Turn off your overhead lights in the evening and light candles," she recommends. "I buy inexpensive votives in bulk and the light of tapered candles is always beautiful." While the designer notes that vintage brass candlesticks can add a glam touch, you can also try wall scones to get the layered effect.

Fall 2020 Home Decor Trend: A Touch Of Nature

"Especially in these stressful times, creating a soothing respite is so important," says Arendsen, who believes that adding touches of nature to the home can instantly offer a calming effect. According to her, a few simple ways to do exactly that include creating some flower or foliage arrangement (even if faux!) or lighting a candle that provides the feeling of fall.

Fall 2020 Home Decor Trend: Cozy Corners

"A focus on creating a comfortable lounge vibe is here to stay," says Arendsen. Try this in your home with the use of natural materials (like authentic hardwood) or look for ultra cozy furniture pieces that will beckon you to hunker down with a cup of tea and a good book.

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