31 New Ways To Wear Makeup This Month

by Jessica DeFino

I’m not a huge makeup person, but something about the ~summer vibes~ taking over my Instagram feed is filling me with the urge to experiment. My “saved” section is proof: While usually a grid of skincare DIYs and healthy recipes to try, it’s now home to a slew of simple-yet-unexpected summer 2019 makeup trends.

In years past, I might’ve said the phrase “summer makeup” borders on oxymoronic — the hotter it is, the less makeup you want to wear, right? But thankfully, July 2019 beauty is all about splashy statements that require zero effort and zero extra layers of foundation and concealer. Think: Dewy skin paired with a shock of bright, bold eyeshadow; or a blush-centric look that makes you look sun-kissed in the most natural way possible (no messy self-tanner required). And, of course, you can’t go wrong with a swipe of lipstick set against a bare face. The shade of the season, judging from beauty influencers’ latest snaps? Red, in all its iterations — from orange-red to blood red to oxblood and beyond.

Ahead, 31 makeup looks to try in July — one for every day of the month, naturally — that range from simple to statement-making. Let the summer beauty begin.


Match Your Lipstick To Your Sunnies

Orange you glad that matchy-matchy looks are trending?


Embrace Summer Sweat — Or At Least Fake It

Let that natural sheen shine, baby.


Go For The Gloss


Soften Up


Layer Shades Of Neon Liner


Stay Cool With Blue Shadow

The only thing better than slipping into a cold pool is this pool-inspired shadow.


That Highlight, Though

Fresh, luminous highlighter lets your accessories do the talking.


Recreate The Sunset

Sunset-inspired eyes, cheeks, and lips are on the horizon.


Try Subtle Glitter (It's Possible)

Bored of your go-to winged liner? Give it a glittery upgrade.


Ride The Waterline

Say buh-bye to winter's black liner and smudge a light shade of brown into your waterline, instead.


Pair Glossy Skin & A Matte Lip


Say It With Me: Green Shadow...

This subtle wash of color gives off mermaid vibes.


... And Green Liner ...

It's easier to pull off than you think — plus, this exact liner is under $5.


... And MORE Green Shadow


Blush Is Your Friend

Slather on the SPF and go for a faux glow, instead. Just blend blush on your cheeks and across the bridge of your nose.


Try A Super-Skinny Swipe Of Black Liner...

Define your eyes with the thinnest line of liquid liner ever.


... Or Give It A Go In Blue


All-Over Earth Tones

Shimmery shades of gold and beige convey natural beauty, dialed up a notch.


A Pop Of Pink

Blend bubblegum shadow almost to the brow bone for a trendy pop of pink.


Lavender Works, Too

This is *technically* a work-in-progress shot, but I think the makeup artist could've stopped here, don't you?


Lash Extensions = Lazy-Girl Life-Saver

Lash extensions equal defined eyes without the daily hassle of mascara.


Experiment With White Liner

If a black cat eye feels too heavy, try white.


In A Pinch, Add A Red Lip

When you need to look fancy but have zero time to get ready, leave your face bare and add a bold red lip.


Be A Peach

Monochromatic shades of peach are universally flattering.


Create The Subtlest Little Wing

Smudge a little liner on the outer third of your lid for a super-subtle (and super-sexy) take on the classic look.


Try A Maroon Smoky Eye


Skip Eye Makeup In Favor Of Sunglasses

Why bother applying eye makeup when your sunglasses are this good?


Supersize Your Brows

When it comes to brows, the bigger, the better.


Match Your Liner To Your Highlighter

Care of TZR's own Beauty Editor, Khalea Underwood: Level-up lilac liner by pairing it with lilac highlighter.