How To Wear Pink Eyeshadow When You Have Dark Skin

Ryan Norville

Bright colors shouldn't just be reserved for warm days. Even though it's the middle of the winter, in-your-face hues are showing up on the runways of shows like Chromat and Collina Strada, and all over everyone's Instagram. But there's one color of the rainbow that never gets old: pink. And pink eyeshadow for dark skin especially looks stunning, in the softest blushes to the deepest magentas. Just ask Beyoncé (you know, if you can get ahold of her), Rihanna, or the dozens of dark-skinned influencers who can't stop wearing the shade.

"Pink eyeshdow colors are a go big or go home shade for me. I always pack it on as densely as possible," Ryan Norville, a New York City-based digital influencer, tells TZR. And it's true: most makeup artists have to swipe on certain products with extra vigor on darker skin, as certain eyeshadows aren't very pigmented. If that's the case, use Coco Bassey's secret: "Blend an orange or brown shade into the crease [of your eye] to warm it up a bit and add dimension," the mind behind fashion blog Millennielle says.

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However, if you don't feel like taking those extra steps, there are still plenty of powerful products that provide the color you need, without all of the extra effort. Five influencers reveal their favorites (and their application secrets) ahead.

Ryan Norville, NYC

Ryan Norville

"For application, experiment with different shades of pink to find a hue you personally love. I like to apply a neutral shade as a base so the color can go on as bright as possible, then I apply a dark color in the crease and outer corner to give the focal hue more depth. And finally, I like to use my finger to pack on the color on my lid."

Micaéla Verrelien, NYC

Micaéla Verrelien

"If I were to wear pink eye shadow it would have to be applied heavily. My skin is a very deep shade, so in order for it to truly show, I'd rather go all the way spicy."

Coco Bassey, Atlanta, GA

"When it comes to makeup, I'm a bit of a minimalist. That said, whenever I'm playing around with any pink or red-toned colors it's important to work with eyeshadows that pack a lot of pigment so that my makeup looks intentional. The last thing I'd want is to work with a shade that makes me look like I'm fighting a bad cold or allergy. Along those lines, deeper warmer colors look better on my skin, so I tend to gravitate towards dusty rose shades instead of neons, pastels and magentas."

Armanda Tounghui, Los Angeles

Armanda Tounghui

"'Less is more' is my motto when it comes to wearing bright and vibrant eyeshadow colors. I like to keep it natural, but with a little pop of color."

Monica Veloz, Los Angeles

Photo By Juan Veloz

"I love applying pink eyeshadows! I would typically wear the pink shade in the inner corner of my eyes for an edgy, bold look."