How To Get The Best Eyelashes Of Your Life

When it comes to eyelashes, we’re all looking for something different. Some people want more length, some are on the hunt for greater volume, and others crave more curl. But lash amplification in any form can be expensive and time-consuming. Sometimes even after going to great lengths, results aren’t always what you’d anticipate. To help you navigate this treacherous beauty terrain (and before you spend hundreds of dollars on extensions, or attempt to apply falsies for 20 minutes every day), we enlisted the help of founder and lead lash artist at Sugarlash, Courtney Buhler, to break down which form of eyelash enhancements are best for you. Here, our ultimate guide to getting the best flutter.


For the Girl on a Budget

"Mascara definitely has the least impact of all eyelash enhancers. You're pretty much stuck with the length and fullness that you have naturally, so mascara;s effects can be quite limited (and messy), but it is easy on the wallet," Courtney said. "If you're a mascara junkie, I'd definitely recommend Benefit Roller Lash Mascara for length and lift," she added.

For the Girl Who's Always Dolled Up

"False lashes are for the glam girls out there who love to change up their makeup look daily with a different style of lashes. Some girls literally stock hundreds of lash types and plan their makeup around their falsies. So if you love mixing things up, stick with falsies," she said.

"The best way to apply is to use tweezers and look downward while applying them, so you can see your lash base," she explained. "After applying a super-thin coating of adhesive, you want to place the lash at mid-eye first, and then press the lash down flat against the eyelid, following the lash line. Add a bit of extra adhesive to the edges, and hold for a few extra seconds," she added.

For the Busy Girl on the Go

"Eyelash extensions are for women too busy taking on the world to bother with mascara or falsies," she said

"Extensions actually help your natural lashes get healthier and stronger, because you don't need to scrub them each night like when you wear mascara. You also are free from curling, coating, and yanking on them. Unlike false lashes, which feel crunchy and tight on your eyelid, and have to be peeled off every night, extensions can't be felt on your eyelid, and they don't stress your natural lashes when done properly," she explained.

"Fill-ins are required every two to four weeks, depending on your lifestyle and how long your natural lash cycle is," she said.

"To extend the life of your lash extensions, don’t pick, pull, twist or grind them into your pillow at night. Keep them groomed with a clean mascara spoolie, and gently wash them daily. Avoid using oils and oil-based products within the eye socket. Oils can break down the adhesive bond over time, which often makes extensions shed prematurely," she explained.

For Every Girl

"Growth Serums are great to help to nourish and condition your eyelashes into growing longer, stronger, and fuller. They contain effective moisturizers and vitamins that help grow natural lashes. This can be easily done at home, and is perfect for someone with naturally short or thin lashes," she explained.

"Any woman should make a growth serum part of their daily routine. Whether they wear false lashes, lash extensions, get their lashes lifted, or go au natural. Long, strong lashes are always in style," she said.