20 Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles Worth Trying This Spring


There's more than one meaning of the expression "spring cleaning." You've already started swapping out your old winter clothes for a whole new warm-weather wardrobe, but all those outfits would be incomplete without a few fresh hairstyle to match. And if you've been struggling to find that spring-ready hairstyle inspiration, The Zoe Report has you covered.

Spring is like a second chance at a New Year's resolution. Everyone wants to transform their looks, commit to a healthier lifestyle, and adopt a better attitude (which, with all that Vitamin D, is easy to do). If you're anything like the rest of us, you started transitioning your wardrobe months ago. Your closet could be overflowing with bright colors and pretty florals by now, but still, your work isn't done.

There are a slew of updos to try, hair accessories to buy, and salon appointments to make before you can really call this annual makeover complete. Whether you're in the market for a fresh new shade, a dramatic cut, or just to liven it up with some creative styling and a cute hair clip, these celebs have been raiding Instagram lately with all the hair inspo you'll ever need.

Ahead, 20 of The Zoe Report's favorite looks to try immediately, inspired by Laura Harrier, Gigi Hadid, and more.

Side Braid

lauraharrier on Instagram

Goodbye, loose and wispy, Serena van der Woodsen-style side braid. Laura Harrier's taught and tidy version is a sleek upgrade for fans of the plait.

Wispy Updo

jennifer_yepez on Instagram

Leave it to EmRata to make the signature lazy-girl hairstyle cool again. No need for rigorous styling; just pull your morning hair back into a messy twist and go.

Braided Knots

lupitanyongo on Instagram

Although Lupita Nyong'o debuts fresh hairstyles regularly, lately, she's been wrapping the front section of her box braids into asymmetric twin knots.

Accessorized Ponytail

gemma_chan on Instagram

Adhering to the ribbon trend, these wide, colorfully printed silk scarves are on the rise and they go just perfectly with a low ponytail, as proven by Gemma Chan.

Chin-Grazing Bob

mandymooremm on Instagram

Chopping your hair into a chin-length bob like Mandy Moore's is one surefire way to feel lighter and more carefree this spring.

Messy '60s Ponytail

jennychohair on Instagram

The flower child styles of the '60s and '70s are having a major moment and it has nothing to do with the advent of Coachella. Scarlett Johansson's mod ponytail can be adapted to more than just fringe.

Faux Fringe

jennifer_yepez on Instagram

Clip-in bangs have never been so relevant, with the likes of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner debuting fake fringe in recent weeks. How else would you be able to do a bold hair transformation and then go back to normal the next day?

Half-Up & Voluminous

chadwoodhair on Instagram

Keep your usual half-up, half-down hairstyle, but add a bold twist (literally). Julianne Hough's is a perfect example of how to make a voluminous updo appropriate for everyday wear.

Ribbon-Adorned Updo

justinemarjan on Instagram

You probably caught on to this uber-feminine hair trend during awards season. These dainty little ribbons aren't going anywhere, so work one into your half-up style soon.

Floral Accessories

mararoszak on Instagram

Speaking of accessories, botanical hair clips are just as big as their corresponding floral prints this spring (take it from Lily Collins' full-on flower look).

Curly Bangs

alannaarrington on Instagram

This spring, expect to see a spike in textured fringe — the more volume, the better.

Blonde To Brunette

nikkilee901 on Instagram

Contrary to the norm for this time of year, longtime blondes are opting for dramatic dark shades everywhere you look. Switch up the tradition and try being a brunette for a change.


gabunion on Instagram

Gabrielle Union's micro-braids are the wake-up-and-go hairstyle solution you've been looking for.

Slicked-Back Bun

jennifer_yepez on Instagram

Give that messy topknot a necessary upgrade. It doesn't take much effort to recreate Gigi Hadid's slicked-back bun.

Textured Pixie


Earlier this year, Rowan Blanchard singlehandedly brought back the layered, choppy pixie cut on the Golden Globes red carpet.

Space Buns

yarashahidi on Instagram

Double buns were all the rage in 2018, but Yara Shahidi has been wearing a modern version lately. The actor slicked her hair into two buns level with her ears.

Super-High Pony

chrisappleton1 on Instagram

Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid, and Kim Kardashian are obsessed with their sky-high ponies. Simply wrap a chunk of hair around the elastic to recreate their looks.

Snap Clip

jenatkinhair on Instagram

Yet another installment of '90s hair trends, the schoolgirl snap clip has won the hearts of Kendall Jenner, Lucy Hale, Miley Cyrus, and more.

Bright Pink

behatiprinsloo on Instagram

Spring isn't just for colorful wardrobes. Make like model Behati Prinsloo and go full-on pink this spring (even if it's only temporary).

Pin Straight

chrisappleton1 on Instagram

That pin-straight hair you worked so hard to get in high school is back. J. Lo and the Kardashians are all about this nostalgic '90s look lately.