Which Trendy Spring Hairstyle Is Best For You?

We’re nearly one month into spring, and many of you may be feeling eager to switch up your hair. It makes total sense—a new season means a new wardrobe and a new look. Whether it’s a cut or experimenting with a new trendy hairstyle, you have to do what’s best for your hair type. Here, we break down which hairstyles you should try this spring according to your set of strands.



To keep fine hair from looking extra flat, consider chopping it into some layers. They add instant volume and body so your hair has constant movement.

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Straight hair can seem tougher to style because of it's untextured state. This doesn't mean that it can't make a beauty statement. A blunt haircut in the form of a bob or shoulder-length graze can do just the trick. If you already have shorter strands, try adding a set of bangs to your cut .



While thick hair can give you lots to work with, it can also be frizz-prone. One gorgeous and frizz-free hairstyle that's perfect for thick-haired ladies is a sleek ponytail. You just sweep back any strands up front (a lightweight hair oil or gel can help with this) and let the rest of your mane fall to the back.



Having a natural set of waves is a desire for many, but when you're actually born with it, you know that styling it can be laborious. Keep things relaxed with a half updo that features a messy bun. The effortless look makes for gorgeous spring style and the low maintenance makes it ideal for every occasion.



Bouncy spirals are always a beautiful look, and you don't have to sacrifice your texture to wear a new hairstyle. Simply pin your curls back into a low bun with a few strands left out up front. It's transitional enough for anything from the office to drinks with the girls.



If you have a coily curl texture, you don't have to limit your hairstyles. Gather them up top for a modern bouffant-like 'do, using some pins and hair-taming serum. This way, the rest of your strands will lay flat, while all the attention remains in the middle.