14 Skin Care Brands Like The Ordinary With Affordable, No-Frills Products

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There's no denying the importance of a proper skin care routine — however, it can also take a huge toll on your wallet. You know the feeling: Your stomach drops a bit more each time you add another product into your shopping cart. As it turns out, you can still give your complexion all the ingredients and formulas it needs, thanks to affordable, no frill-ingredient skin care brands like The Ordinary. No need to drop hundreds of dollars in order to achieve healthy skin.

If you're familiar with The Ordinary's fan-favorite products, you know the Canadian brand is serious about transparency and dermatologist-approved ingredients (see: niacinamide, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid), which, in turn, contributes to its high-quality, targeted formulas. But, though The Ordinary might be one of the most talked-about brands among beauty enthusiasts, it certainly isn't the only one taking the no-frills approach to skin care. As of late, other brands are cropping up and introducing products that address everything from acne to dark spots.

Ahead, get to know 14 other wallet-friendly, no-game skin care brands, and smile because you're about to save a whole lot of money (while, of course, looking good doing so).

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