Transform Your Living Room Instantly With This Super Affordable IKEA Chair

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Feeling a little meh about your current living situation (aesthetically speaking)? It can be easy to be overwhelmed by all the things you feel like you're missing in terms of home decor, but you might be surprised at how little could take to get a fresh new vibe — without overspending in the process. Take your seating for example: Not only is it possible to find some stylish accent chairs for under $200, but there's something to suit practically every design style.

You might have already written off shopping statement pieces like accent chairs as out of your budget, which is understandable considering the fact that such decor often comes with a hefty price tag. But that's not always the case. Some of your favorite home goods retailers — including Target, World Market, and the always reliable IKEA — have a plethora of options for less than you probably expected. And their offerings include trendy pieces as well as more classic ones, so there's truly something for everybody.

As the name suggests, an accent chair isn't just a functional furniture piece (although that aspect is pretty important, too) — it's an opportunity for you to add a little panache or drama to any room in your home. That said, some things to consider are shape, fabric, and color. Make the chair a focal point by opting for a pop of color or sumptuous and inviting texture, such as velvet or even faux fur. To create staycation vibes in your home, embrace the rattan trend, and be sure to shop the outdoor furniture section to find some great deals. You can always dress it up with throws and pillows to give it more of a cozy indoor feeling. And when in doubt, the mid-century modern look is a forever classic that mixes well with so many decor styles.

With those tips out of the way, you're probably ready to start hunting for your perfect accent chair. Ahead find 10 in a range of aesthetics, all of which will cost you less than you probably paid for your last cut and color.

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