This Is The Best Candle Scent For Your Zodiac Sign, According To An Astrologer

There’s a reason you find certain notes irresistible.

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According to astrologer Ryan Marquardt, astrology has many uses. It can help boost your self-awareness, guide you to the best time to change your hairstyle, or assist you in picking the right paint for your home. “It's an all-encompassing ancient art form, and everything in life is represented by something in astrology,” he tells TZR. Thus, it can be an especially great resource in situations where you’re inundated by choice — including picking a candle scent based on your zodiac sign.

“Astrology heightens all of your senses and we can use the 12 zodiac signs to better understand what type of activities, foods, entertainment, and even scents will help you lean into your unique cosmic makeup,” Marquardt continues. So while settling on a fragrance for your home out of the countless available can be stressful, utilizing the preferences of your sign can not only significantly narrow things down, but also allow you to find a scent that will work with your personality, instead of against it.

To help you out, Marquardt broke down the basics of the signs and why certain notes resonate so well with each. Find out which candle scent is best for you from his insights, ahead.

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According to Marquardt, Aries is a “fun-loving fire sign” that’s marked by spring’s start. “It's bold and doesn't hold back, so the perfect Aries candle will have a springtime scent that feels both youthful and powerful.” So, he says, opt for a “bright, distinct, and fresh” fragrance such as ginger. “Bonus points if you can couple it with a peppery note to give it that signature burst of Aries heat.”


Taurus is the first Earth sign of the zodiac, says Marquardt, and is ruled by “planet of all-things-sweet,” Venus. “So, it's best to find a candle that's more sugar rather than spice,” he continues. “Honey scents are a sure bet for Taurus, but try to find a combination that also grounds the sweet indulgence, like honey and oat or honey and amber.”


A “bubbly and refreshing” sign, Gemini transitions us from spring to summer, says the astrologer. “Gemini is an air sign that prefers to keep its sensory experiences light and effervescent,” he explains. “Try a candle that lifts you up with citrus notes, then whisks you away in the wind like a bee carrying pollen.”


“Cancer has a way of tugging on the heartstrings,” shares Marquardt. The water sign, which kicks off summer, has a nostalgic sense of comfort. “Cancer has a remarkable way of using the senses to transport you back to a personal memory,” he says. “Opt for a hand-poured candle with a homebaked scent, whether it's apple pie, blueberry crisp, or peach cobbler.”


Marquardt says Leo is ruled by the sun, and is the most confident of all the signs; therefore, while Leo’s tastes aren’t always for everyone, the Fire sign doesn’t really mind. “Leo needs a candle that has a vibrant, one-of-a-kind aroma,” he explains. “Warmed-up citrus scents, spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, or spunky florals all work well with Leo.”


Marquardt describes Virgo as a “no-frills, streamlined earth sign that knows what it wants but doesn't overstate it.” Thus, they’ll want to find a candle that uses natural scents and ingredients. “There can be layers to give the candle its own sensory journey, but nothing too dramatic. Basil, cedar, and bergamot are all beloved staples for Virgo.”


If there's any sign that can pull off florals, says Marquardt, it's Libra. “This air sign loves appealing to the senses.” Though he explains that (like all Air signs) Libra is technically considered a masculine sign, it’s ruled by the planet of beauty and love, Venus. “So when aesthetic sensibilities are concerned, Libra is probably one of the most feminine,” the astrologer continues. “Try undeniably smooth and universally adored floral scents, like hyacinth, violet, white rose, orchid, and bluebell.”


According to Marquardt, you shouldn’t underestimate a Scorpio’s complexity. “They may appear straightforward on the surface, but their after-effects linger on anyone they come in contact with.” He explains that the “layered, sophisticated” water sign doesn’t shy away from intense, indulgent scents that “seem to morph from one note to the next,” and recommends trying succulent fruit notes, such as cherries or currants, along with “unexpected notes of lesser-known scents like anise or absinthe.”


“Sagittarius, the final fire sign of the zodiac, likes to surprise and push the envelope,” reveals Marquardt. “It dares to go places most other signs wouldn't dream of.” This means Sagittarius scents will be “unafraid” and make the user feel like they’re on a journey. “Think Moroccan spices, tropical fruits, or island flowers. Or, you can consider a different type of flower — one that takes you on a completely different kind of journey, if you know what I mean,” jokes the astrologer.


According to Marquardt, the eldest earth sign is known for keeping it classic. However, he notes, Capricorns are actually “secret party animals” with an affinity for spicing things up. “The perfect candle for a Capricorn will have a reliable, natural scent like mint or chamomile, but there will probably be a twist thrown in to keep it from being seen as too cliché.”


Those weird, off-beat scents you’re always seeing? Yep, they’re probably perfect for this rule-breaker. While Marquardt says that Aquarius traditionally relates to eucalyptus and lime notes, the air sign is always on the hunt for something more bizarre. “If the candle has a funny or ironic name, then it's even better,” he continues. “A perfect Aquarius candle won't just be something worth smelling, but something that's also worth having a conversation over.”


“You shouldn't fall asleep with candles burning, but Pisces loves scents that are so hypnotic and irresistible that you'll start drifting off into a dream with just one smell,” shares Marquardt. He goes on to explain that Pisces is a water sign, and the final sign of the entire zodiac. So, “It loves scents you'll remember for the rest of your life. Seek out aromas that have mystical and transcendent qualities like jasmine or ylang-ylang.”

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