Your Sun Sign Could Be Why Meditation Just Doesn’t Work For You

Because we all need a little more of it.

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Self-care means something different for everyone. Some like to take baths, others do yoga, and many people like to sit back and do nothing at all. But for those who aren’t sure what’s right for them, deciding which avenue to pursue can actually end up being stressful, which negates the entire purpose of self-care in the first place. According to Madi Murphy, CosmicRx founder and professional astrologer, though, that can easily be solved — just look to the recommended self-care practices for your zodiac sign.

“There are so many practices, fads, and products out there promising to make you feel your best — it’s hard to decipher and distinguish which is right for you,” Murphy tells TZR. “The great news is by better understanding your ‘self,’ you can make better self-care choices.” And that, she says, can start with your star chart.

“Every zodiac sign is an energetic archetype that has a blueprint and a map of how to honor yourself at the deepest level — mind, body, heart, and soul,” she explains. “For instance, your Moon sign can unlock your emotional self-care and wellness, your Mars sign can speak to your sex drive, your Venus sign can reveal your love language, and your Sun sign represents your vitality and the essence of who you are.”

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To apply this to your own self-care routine, Murphy says the first step is understanding your Sun sign — “aka the answer to the age-old pickup line, ‘What’s your sign?’”

“Just like the name suggests, your Sun helps you understand your ‘solar power,’” she shares. “The more you get to know your Sun, the more you have focused awareness of your consciousness and the more you tap into your limitless, unrealized potential.” And that begins with understanding its element. For example, water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces “may need self-care that has a gentle flow and honors emotions,” while fire signs such as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius could need to start their day with “equal parts cardio and creativity to stoke [their] inner flame.”

If you’re not quite ready to figure out your best avenue, though, Murphy has broken down some wellness habits aligned with each Sun sign, along with how they can make you feel better. Find your recommended practice for this year, ahead.

Aries: Dance It Out

Murphy explains that to feel clear, Aries needs movement and music. “Aries is a fire sign, so blowing off some steam through movement is important. The music is so they can feel happy and excited while they do it.” Shake it out through a hip-hop dance workout or an impromptu booty shake, she continues; this will engage the body and boost Aries’ “already contagious confidence.”

Taurus: Slow Down

Out of all the zodiac signs, Murphy says Taurus is the most indulgent. Therefore, their true self-care should come from slowing down. “Taurus is also ruled by Venus, goddess planet of love and pleasure, which makes it connected to the finer things in life and grounded sensuality. Anything that helps Taurus acknowledge and up-level the five senses is deeply nourishing.” This can include stretching to remind the body how good it can feel; lighting some “bougie” candles; or giving a self-massage. “It’s all about slowing down and treat yo’ self energy.”

Gemini: Flex Your Mind

“Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communications, Gemini is the mystical messenger of the zodiac and is inherently intellectually and socially curious,” says Murphy. So, more is more — they love to juggle things, and they thrive on a “brain buzz” (and sharing that with someone else). “Flexing their mind muscle by reading or listening to a subject that is inspirational is a productive way to channel all of this chatty, cognitive energy.”

Cancer: Take A Restorative Bath

Murphy explains that because Cancer is a water sign, floating can be freeing — so the bathtub can be the “ultimate sacred place” to take solace. “Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is innately in tune with the tidal forces of the planet, the lunar phases, and the rituals that accompany them. The ideal time for a restorative bath is under the Full Moon, which is all about letting go.” When that time comes, create a ritual bath by adding Epsom salts, healing crystals, or dried herbs for maximum relaxation.

Leo: Express Yourself

As a fire sign, Leos exude passion and playfulness, which Murphy says means they need an outlet to shine. “Ruled by the Sun, self-expression is a core need — especially if it connects them to their inner child,” she explains. “Whether it’s learning a new TikTok dance routine, taking some sexy selfies, or grabbing the mic for an impromptu karaoke sesh, it’s important they make time to take center stage.”

Virgo: Journal

According to Murphy, Virgos are ruled by “mental messenger” Mercury, which means there are usually a lot of things racing around in their heads — something that can often be too much to handle. Thus, self-care for this sign means zooming out and checking in. “Making time to vent to their journal is a nourishing way to release certain feelings, emotions, and repetitive thoughts to clear space for brilliant breakthroughs,” she says.

Libra: Practice Yoga

Murphy says yoga is the perfect practice for Libra, an air sign represented by the scales, since it’s important for them to focus on equilibrium. “But since Libra is ruled by Venus, goddess planet of love, beauty, and money, it’s not just about the poses and postures — it’s also all about the aesthetics.” So, create your own aesthetically pleasing setup, or better yet, find a beautiful studio to practice in. “That’s enough to make Libra’s soul swoon.”

Scorpio: Find Something Mystical

“Ruled by the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto, Scorpio does not like to hang out in the shallow end,” says Murphy. So, any self-care activity that allows them to “dive into the depths of life” will help them care for their soul.

“This could be anything from reading esoteric poetry, candle meditations, pulling tarot cards, or… it could take a more NSFW route (crystal sex toys, anyone?),” she explains. “No matter the practice, what matters is it’s transformative and leaves them feeling transcendent. Scorpio seeks to find the mystical in the mundane.”

Sagittarius: Try Something New

For Sagittarius, it’s time to roam free and try, eat, or read something new — especially now that many aspects of life are returning to pre-pandemic ways. “Ruled by Jupiter, planet of optimism and expansion, Sagittarius really is hardwired to explore — and has plenty of energy to do so!” says Murphy. “Sometimes that can be by taking a walk and listening to a new podcast, testing out a new workout class, or taking a new route home and making a spontaneous stop into a unique-to-them restaurant. Expanding their horizons is how they unlock more of their boundless creativity, enthusiasm, and positivity.”

Capricorn: Work, Then Play

Because Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, they’re naturally “ambitious, disciplined, and practical,” says Murphy. However, they rarely take breaks, so making time to relax is key. As an earth sign, that starts with getting grounded and organized. “Capricorns are goal-oriented, so setting a timer to clean/declutter/work for 30 minutes, then rewarding themselves with something leisurely and luxurious (whether that’s taking an indulgent coffee break, going online shopping, or just kicking back for some well-deserved shut eye), is their ultimate structured approach to self-care.”

Aquarius: Unplug

Murphy describes Aquarius as the “chill” rebel: “eccentric, unconventional, and innovative AF.” It’s ruled by Uranus, which she says is the planet associated with tech and being progressive; thus, Aquarius is very connected to all things. “It’s important for Aquarius to unplug and mute the world so they can tune back into their independent and brilliant soul. Going on airplane mode for an hour a day can breathe new life into those big plans they have to, you know, save the world and stuff.”

Pisces: Prioritize Good Sleep

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of spirituality and the unconscious mind, explains Murphy — so, they “can tap into some serious self-care” by making sleep more intentional. “Creating a peaceful bedroom environment and good sleep hygiene is paramount,” she says. “Rituals like pulling an oracle card to reflect on the day, placing an amethyst under their bed, or tucking a satchel of lavender in their pillowcase can more deeply connect them to their dreamy superpowers.”

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