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I Got A Bob Haircut & Had To Tweak The Way I Dress

These are the pieces I rely on now.

Marina Liao poses in mint silk pants collared gingham shirt layered over a white top after getting h...

When it comes to styling out an outfit, most people turn to the usual: jewelry, shoes, bags, etc. Your hairstyle, meanwhile, normally remains as is without much thought, unless of course it’s your wedding day, or you’re attending an important event. However, when ones does get a fresh cut — like my angled bob back in May — one may find dressing around their new hairstyle is rather difficult. Well... at least I did. It became the “accessory” I didn’t expect. Lately, I’ve found myself Googling “what clothes to wear with a bob?” on more than one occasion.

Suddenly, I noticed my dreamy, floral dresses and hoodies no longer looked as good on me, the latter piece — when coupled with my round-rimmed glasses — made me look like an 11 year old. I couldn’t explain why my old clothes felt off with my new haircut, but after some introspection, I eventually deduced it to the fact that I associate a bob with more of a powerful, edgy style. A bob signaled a confident, IDGAF energy and though I felt all this internally, externally my wardrobe didn’t quite match this new vibe I adopted into my life. (Some of my clothes suddenly felt too saccharine.) Before I went on a shopping spree to try to dress this new persona, however, I did try on existing pieces in my wardrobe to see what still worked for me. I also perused the Instagrams of other well-dressed tastemakers who have short hair, like Chriselle Lim and Grece Ghanem, for outfit inspiration.

My findings? Blazers, leather pieces, bright colors, sultry details, and anything tailored suited my bob haircut and also the self-assured vibes I wanted to radiate. I found myself wearing blazers and trousers more frequently to fashion events than when I had long hair. My go-to pieces read put together and serious, but also a little bit sexy — instead of wearing a floral dress or shirt, I now gravitated towards a cutout top. Additionally, my chop made me feel brave, therefore I was less hesitant to take fashion risks with my clothing. I freed the nip on a few occasions (I no longer had my long hair to cover my chest!) and experimented with wearing flashy colors together.

If you, too, are struggling to dress for your new bob, continue ahead to see which pieces I personally rely on without fail. Should you like a look, you can shop similar items to mine with ease via the selects provided. If you’re anything like me, dressing for your short hair will be a fun, self-discovering journey — so enjoy!

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Power Blazers

Marina Liao

IMO bobs and blazers complement each other perfectly, as this combination helps to portray an external image of confidence and intellect. My blazer collection ranges from linen pieces for summer to heavier wool options for fall. Though I’ll typically style it with a T-shirt and jeans, when I’m not in the office, instead of wearing said tee, I like to switch it up by styling a sexier top underneath.

Collar Shirts

Marina Liao

Prior to getting my haircut, I wasn’t big on shirts with collars — they felt a little too stiff for my personal style. Post cut, however, I’m loving how crisp and clean they look with my angled strands. Collared shirts also help me dress up my more casual wardrobe staples, like a ribbed tank, so I look more put together and not kid-ish. I wear this silhouette with everything, from slip dresses to bralettes.

Edgy Pants

Marina Liao

My bob makes me feel like I can do anything, which includes wearing more daring pieces like asymmetrical buttoned jeans or flared pants with cutouts at the hips. The bottoms, below, instantly impart that “cool” vibe to your overall outfit.

Leather Separates

Marina Liao

Nothing says strong and sexy like a good leather look. I like to mix and match this sturdy fabric with my other wardrobe staples year round. For example, I love to wear my faux leather shorts with a camp shirt when the temperatures are in the cool ‘70s or my leather pants with a blazer come October.

Classic Trousers

Marina Liao

Along with blazers, a good pair of tailored pants can creates that polished look that goes so well with a bob. I’ve been leaning into this pants style a lot, preferring baggier bottoms with a high-waisted fit and pleats down the front legs.

Emphasis On The Shoulders

Marina Liao

I’ve always felt a little self-conscious about my “broad” shoulders ever since a guy — ugh, men! — made that comment about them when I was in high school. I never wanted to go strapless for fear of drawing attention to them, and kept my hair long like a curtain to cover them. However, having short hair makes it impossible to hide this part of my body and now, the more I look at my shoulders, the more I appreciate them. I’ve re-embraced strapless tops and dresses again for the first time in years.