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3 Engerizing Color Trends I’m Filling My Summer Wardrobe With

Hues to boost your mood.


Despite my greatest efforts, there have been many recent mornings I find myself hopefully navigating my closet in search of a bold, vibrant outfit to wear, only to end up throwing on my most minimalist, neutral-colored pieces. Don’t get me wrong — the colorful, statement selections are available, staring right at me, yet from some combination of being too lazy to try and rushing to a zoom meeting, I don’t end up opting for them. Yet as I scroll through Instagram and see that summer’s brightest color trends have already taken over my feed the past few months, by way of editors, influencers, and celebs alike, I am more determined than ever to curate a selection of vivid colored outfits to liven up my look.

It’s a fact that when I go for a standout pink or a vibrant green ensemble, there’s an automatic mood-boosting effect that takes place. The extravagant color—and color-clashing—trends we’ve seen gain traction at fashion month after fashion month, the last few seasons show no sign of slowing down, and I’m all in. Especially as the seasons transition, the warmer weather calls for a more playful way of dressing up that I think we can all benefit from right now. The colors we wear are a powerful tool in reflecting how we feel day to day, from joyful and energetic to passionate and empowered. So it’s imperative my closet color palette mirrors the frame of mind I aim to be in this summer: bright and happy, projecting positivity.

Beyond its impact on mood, one of the greatest benefits of color trends is that you can apply them to any of your favorite pieces for an immediate outfit upgrade, be it a punchy colored dress, a bold blazer, fun party pants, or a standout shoe. There is no limit to how, and how much, color can be integrated into your ensemble. If you’re color-shy and naturally gravitate to more muted shades or if you’re a maximalist to no end, there is a way to make it work for you.

Ahead, see the three color trends I’m most eager to break out in this summer and the perfect pieces I’m coveting in each fresh hue.

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Summer Color Trends: Emerald Green

This rich shade undoubtedly exudes power, strength, and determination. In it, I’m ready to tackle any task and know I’ll look like a boss doing it. Don’t believe me? Try it on and then let’s talk. Plus, it’s a shade that works well with every single skin tone.

Summer Color Trends: Pastel Yellow

As seen all over the Spring/Summer 2021 runways, pastel yellow is a color trend absolutely worth investing in. The most muted shade of my three summer favorites, it will be your new neutral. You’re bound to project sunshine and happiness in everything you do in this calming, lighthearted hue. It’s the perfect shade when in need of uplifting.

Summer Color Trends: Hot Pink

Vibrant and playful pink has been trending since last summer and it’s making its return for 2021. There’s no shortage of fun-loving pieces in this punchy color, from feminine frocks to sleek, structured blazers. It’s also the ultimate accent color to pretty much any other hue you wear, from black and white to shades of green, blue, red, galore.