I Cut My Long Hair Into This Low Maintenance Bob For Summer & I’m Obsessed

Truly the best decision ever.

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Catherine Santino
bob haircut
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I’m not saying that I started the bob haircut trend, but I’m not not saying that. I got my first bob when I was in elementary school and even then, I was aware of how much this particular style flattered my features and, more importantly, made me feel good about myself. I would go on to have different variations of a bob cut on and off for basically my entire life, and after a brief reprieve to grow my hair out for my wedding last year, I decided to go back to my roots — literally — with an inverted bob.

I considered wearing my signature short cut for my big day, but ultimately decided I wanted something more romantic. By the time the wedding rolled around, my hair was a nice medium length and fell down my back in loose waves with the front pieces tucked behind my ears. Because I didn’t have a plan to cut it post-wedding and was really enjoying having long hair, I decided to keep growing it even after I got married. Along the way, I found a hair care routine that really worked for my thin, fine hair, and all was going swimmingly — that is until this summer rolled around.

Perhaps it was the raging New York City humidity or my tendency to make spontaneous hair changes, but one morning in June I was suddenly overwhelmed with the need to make the chop. I called my hairstylist and booked myself in for later that day, excitedly texting my friends that IT. WAS. HAPPENING.

Making The Chop For My Inverted Bob

In a move that was deeply unlike me and went against the advice of basically every hair expert I’ve ever interviewed, I didn’t bring my stylist any reference photos for my cut. Instead, I simply told him the length I was looking for and let him do the rest. What can I say? I was feeling impulsive.

He began by washing my hair and cutting it to just above my shoulders, and then blow-drying. Once my hair was blown straight, he made sure that the cut was even all the way around, creating an ever-so-subtle angled effect in the front (hence the “inverted” part of the style). Finally, he added dimension to the bob by cutting some long layers, which will also help with movement so the hair doesn’t fall flat.

My Inverted Bob Haircut Before & After Photos

Catherine Santino

The beauty of a bob haircut is that, depending on your hair type and texture, they don’t require much when it comes to styling and maintenance. Because my hair is straight and extremely fine, I’m able to keep my routine very minimal. I try to avoid heat styling my hair as much as possible no matter what length it is, but this is certainly easier to do when it’s short given that less hair is simply easier to manage. Most of the time, I just let it air dry, sometimes adding in some moisture cream to keep frizz at bay. If I need to dry it quickly or want a sleeker style, I’ll reach for my Amika blow dryer brush, which is super easy to use (since it functions as both a round brush and a blow-dryer in one) and a lot more affordable than other similar tools on the market.

Aside from the occasional heat styling, my short hair care routine is pretty simple. I love using small claw clips when I want to keep my hair out of my face or scrunchies for an easy (and comically tiny) pony or bun, but most of the time, I’m just letting my bob do its thing.

If you’ve been kicking around the idea of cutting a bob — especially for summer — let me be the person to convince you. It’s so much easier to wash, style, and generally deal with, plus the inverted bob is a fun spin on the cut that keeps things interesting.

Ahead, check out the staples of my new, short hair care routine — and feel free to notice how simple and minimal it is. You’re welcome!

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