The Zara Gifts Every Woman In Her 30s Is Hoping For


So you're nearing the end of your holiday shopping list, not to mention your budget, but you've still got a few special people left to gift. The problem? You're not quite sure what to give them, and you really want to get it right. This can be even harder if the recipient in question is a woman in her 30s, who ostensibly has everything. Instead of settling for something random that she's unlikely to use, opt for chic gifts for women in their 30s from Zara that she'll surely love — and that won't have you starting the new year behind on your savings goal .

The thing that makes finding great gifts for women in their 30s so difficult is that, quite frankly, they could (and probably do) already have most things that they want. An investment bag? Yeah, of course. Chic home decor? She's got that down. And with her sense of style that's trend-conscious but not overly fussy, you don't necessarily want to gift her something so out-there that she'll get limited use out of it. So, where does this leave you?

The key is to find elevated essentials she can rely on to add polish to her daily life — items that'll feel special but practical all at once, and that she'll reach for again and again. As luck would have it, Zara is brimming with such buys, so you'll have no trouble finding something that'll fit the bill.

Case in point, the high street store's gorgeous crepe blazer, $119, in a deep mulberry shade that's unexpected but surprisingly wearable. She might not think to buy it for herself, but she'll likely find herself styling it for work day after day. If she's into bold colors, opt for Zara's limited edition cashmere sweater, $199. It's in the richest shade of royal purple, and ready to be paired with her favorite separates for work or play.

If her wardrobe's already overflowing, consider selecting thoughtful accessories that'll bring understated glamour to all her looks. These gold earrings, $19.90 have a vintage-inspired vibe even contemporary-obsessed dressers will appreciate, and you can never go wrong with a pair of sleek camel colored leather gloves, $49.90.

Include in her gift Zara's newly dropped Behind The Scenes Kit, $25.90, which includes the only lipsticks and liner she'll need to go from the office to after-hours. The three-lip product kit even has a demure nude lipstick shade selected by makeup queen Pat McGrath, that'll soon become a go-to color.

Before you totally stress about what will surprise and impress the 30-something woman in your life, just think about the things she loves the most — Zara probably makes the list. Shop some of the brand's best gift-worthy picks below.