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You’ll Want Everything On These Fashion Insiders’ Holiday Wish Lists

Get ready to bookmark it all.

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The Look Of The Holidays
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Buckle up and brace yourself: The wild ride that’s holiday gifting season has officially begun and, wow, what a time to craft a wish list. From new luxury drops to enticing hotels to try, there’s an overwhelming abundance of covetable options to give and receive this year. But if you’ve ever succumbed to the pressing urge to add something to your shopping cart while on the hunt for everyone else in your life (honestly, same) we got you covered. This season, we’re thinking outside of the norm for present ideas, no small feat when the seasonal burnout is toastier than the cookies we forgot were in the oven. That’s why we tapped some of the fashion industry’s most creative minds — including insiders like mega-stylist Karla Welch, Dauphinette creative director Olivia Cheng, and fashion sourcer Gab Waller — to learn what they want for themselves to get the gifting juices flowing.

Their ideas definitely did not disappoint: From charitable donations to buckets of sea salt (yes, you read that right) and restorative spa treatments, their selections all feel extraordinarily thoughtful and special — and will have you clicking “add to cart,” no matter who it’s for. Keep scrolling to shop their picks.

Karla Welch, Stylist, Founder & Creative Director of The Welch’s

You’ve definitely added Karla Welch’s work to your fashion mood board at some point. Celebrity stylist and all-around badass, Welch has dressed Hollywood’s elite from Hailey Bieber to Tracee Ellis Ross for magazine covers and countless events. Despite her skyrocketing career, her feet are firmly planted on the ground — and she’s looking to give back this holiday season. “I am truly a person who loves to give more than I receive. The best gift for me is one that helps others. My gift [choice] is a Community Bundle from The Period Company. For $20, they will give four pairs of period underwear to those in need. A small amount for a huge impact,” she said.

Gab Waller, Global Fashion Sourcing Expert

Working as one of the most in-demand fashion sourcers, Gab Waller is always on the go. One day Waller might be resurrecting a pair of vintage sunglasses for Khloe Kardashian and the next, finding an old(ish) Céline frock for Sofia Richie Grainge. And despite always being on the move, she’s keen to squeeze in some solid workouts next year. She said: “My newest go-to fitness workout is LA-based, LEKFIT. After multiple friends recommended it, I knew I had to try it for myself. It is, by far, the most intense workouts I've done. High up on my wish list is an ongoing monthly unlimited membership — the best way to kick off 2024.”

Olivia Cheng, Founder & Creative Director of Dauphinette

Known for creating clothes with a sense of whimsical levity, Dauphinette’s founder and creative director, Olivia Cheng’s suggestion shows her sly sense of humor — and is surprisingly practical as well. “Buckets of flakey salt are a true joy, and the gift that keeps on giving,” she says. “They’re hilariously shaped, like a child’s sand pail, and filled with the most delicious flakey topping money can buy,” she said.

Jasmine Tookes, Co-Founder of Joja

When Jasmine Tookes isn’t trekking around the globe for a photo shoot or meeting on Joja, the premium activewear company she co-founded with pal Josephine Skriver, she’s searching for timeless classics to add to her tablewear collection — an optimal gift idea for the forever hostess in your life. She tells TZR: “I have always had my eye on the timeless Hermès Cheval d'Orient tableware. The intricate designs and rich tones evoke a sense of sophistication and celebration that is perfect when sharing holiday moments with loved ones.”

Lisa Bühler, Founder of Lisa Says Gah

Founder of boutique, Lisa Says Gah, Lisa Bühler is no stranger to bold and eclectic design. That’s why, this holiday season, she’s hoping to add more personality-rich pieces to her home design, too. “This striped raffia lampshade is elegant and fun, and I'm obsessing over all the bold stripes right now. I love this touch for the home,” she says.

Jenny Longworth, Nail Artist

Nail art wizard, Jenny Longworth is known for painting some of the most famous fingers in the world (ahem, Harry Styles and Rihanna). So with her sharp focus on detail, it’s no surprise she’s edited her fragrance collection down to one scent that feels super personal to her. “This year I’ll be asking for my signature scent, cult favorite Santal 33 by Le Labo,” she says, noting that anyone with the same exacting predilections will appreciate a restock of their own go-to perfume. “This gets so many compliments from others without feeling overpowering to the wearer. It’s the perfect stocking filler.”

Pamela Love, Jeweler & Founder of Pamela Love

For Pamela Love, beloved jeweler of It girls everywhere, finding time to refill her cup is important, especially as a new parent. That’s why she’s looking forward to receiving some much deserved alone time to relax and recover. “As a new mom, self-care and recovery are top priorities in general and moments of wellness and beauty are definitely what I want most this holiday season,” she explains. “Specifically, I love the Supernova Facial at Joanna Vargas Spas. I have been going to Joanna since I was 27. She and her team are amazing. She has helped me keep my skin looking great and fresh for over a decade.”

Nadine Abramcyk, Founder & Head of Brand, Tenoverten

Nadine Abramcyk, founder of luxe NYC nail salon chain Tenoverten, knows how to hack the holidays — or, at least the hangovers that often go along with them. “I sometimes need a good non-alcoholic alternative and have fallen in love with these Sayso sachets so I can indulge in the perfect mocktail at home. You can also easily turn them into a fabulous tasting cocktail,” she said.

Grace Bukunmi, Fashion Photographer & Art Director

Fashion photographer Grace Bukunmi has gifts with purpose on her mind for the upcoming holidays. In fact, she’s looking to keep up a tradition she and her friends typically enjoy this time of year: exchanging items with sentimental meaning and philanthropic focus. She shares: "I've become passionate about meaningful keepsake jewelry, especially as my friends and I frequently exchange accessories during the holidays. Right now, I'm particularly drawn to ‘The Hummingbird Effect Gold Stud’ by Surya and the Moon's collaboration with Daughters for Earth. I'm also pleased that 50% of the sales supports Daughters for Earth's global conservation efforts."

Rejina Pyo, Founder of Rejina Pyo

To keep holiday stress at bay, carving out time for self-care is a seasonal must. For Rejina Pyo, founder and creative director of her eponymous line and store in London, that means treating the mind and body collectively in a single treatment. “[I’d love to enjoy] a transformative treatment at Salon C. Stellar, where ancient wisdom meets modern science for a truly unique experience,” she explains. “I love their approach to self-care.”