These Must-Have Fall Coats Will Have You Conquering The Cold In Style

Bundle up.

Fall 2023 coat trends
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As I was working on this story Monday afternoon, I got a knock on my door. Sadly, it wasn’t a fun little package: It was my building’s super, informing me not to be alarmed if I hear anything wonky in the apartment as the heat was just turned on. Sure, this isn’t groundbreaking news, given that we’re in the middle of October. But for me, it was a wake-up call that running out the door in a lightweight pullover will no longer suffice — it’s time for outerwear. Here’s the good thing, though: Fall’s coat trends are so fun, I think I’m sort of excited to step out in the cold? (OK, that may be a stretch.)

Kyla Flax, head of styling at Anthropologie, understands the allure of outerwear. “Coats are a great opportunity to complete a look — they truly are an extension of your style, especially during fall, as there are more opportunities to layer,” she tells TZR. “More and more, I find people looking for new silhouettes, texture, and color — and lucky for us, there are so many options to choose from.” When she’s chatting with folks about fall shopping (it’s her job!), Flax says there’s one look, which she expects will be big in the coat realm, that keeps popping up in conversations: red. The expert says playing with the color is an easy way to take a basic look from average to memorable.

But don’t worry, minimalist dressers, we didn’t forget about you. The industry’s understated “quiet luxury” trend is coming for your outerwear lineup, which Nellie Kamras, founder and creative director at STAND STUDIO, says is about “embracing understated luxury in a toned down, neutral color palette.” She continues, “This trend will most probably continue to persist this fall season too, but with added textures such as brushed wool with a cozy feel, shearling reimagined, and experimental combinations of leather, suede, and fur crafted in one piece.” And Naadam’s CEO and Founder, Matt Scanlan, agrees with the pared-back theme this season, highlighting subdued colors like camel, black, and beige amongst some of the most popular choices.

Keep reading for fall’s six biggest coat trends, as predicted by the industry’s outerwear experts. Bundle up, baby.

Shine On

This year, metallic has been a mainstay in the handbag and footwear categories, so it was only a matter of time before it came for our outerwear, too. Lauren Nouchi, co-founder of APPARIS, points to the eye-grabbing look as a must-have this season. Consider taking the labels’ Shaun Vest, pictured above, for a spin while the weather is still brisk. Likewise, Sofia Wahlberg and Bradley Mounce, the creative directors of AVEC LES FILLES, reference statement puffers in high-shine finishes as having a moment right now.

Biker Babe

If you needed further proof the edgy biker aesthetic is set for (fashion) world domination this year — here it is. Yedidya Mesfin, creative director of BLANKNYC, references the classic biker jacket as a key style and says, this season, it’s looking more relaxed and vintage-inspired than ever. “Real and faux leather jackets will be elevated with distressed surface treatment to add that aged appeal,” she says, noting the style will be most sought after in hues that include chocolate brown, deep burgundy, and charcoal.

Hit The Floor

“We love longer, full-length coats that hit almost to the bottom of your pants hem,” Carla Calvelo, Favorite Daughter's creative design director, tells TZR. “These can feel like you’re borrowing from the boys, but really, they are fitted and tailored for an ultra-feminine look.” Echoing Calvelo, Mesfin explains, “Providing a touch of elegance and structure to your outfit, a long-tailored coat is truly timeless.” She recommends styling the piece with heeled boots and a midi skirt, or sneakers and a baseball hat for a more casual feel. “It’s a style you’ll rewear time and time again.”

Soft Suede

What’s autumn without a suede piece or two, right? The soft texture in the form of a coat is never a bad idea; and this year, there are plenty of looks to try on for size — see Halfboy’s studded style and Khaite’s trench. Once you’ve landed on a piece, consider doubling down on luxe chilly weather fabrics by teaming the jacket with nubuck knee-high boots.

For Goodness Snake

Python print has received Nouchi’s stamp of approval for fall. “Customers are looking to make a bold statement while favoring established prints,” the founder says about the attention-commanding look. Make the bold design the focal point of your outfit by pairing it with a tee and trousers. Or, if you’re looking to get adventurous with your outfit, we have a sound suggestion: Throw on another animal pattern, like, say, zebra boots. Go big or go home.

Short & Chic

The bomber is back this season, notes Flax. “Fall shows previewed cropped, embellished, oversized, belted — you name it,” she describes the latest looks. The style enthusiast adds that they love fun updates to the classic cut over at Anthropologie. “It is so nice when a trend comes back around as it gives the shopper an opportunity to focus on the nuances that make it feel fresh.”