“Eclectic Grandpa” Girlies Are Taking Over TikTok

You just might want to be one, too.

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As TZR’s social media editor, part of my job is trend-spotting across all digital platforms. Typically, I report my findings to our editorial team to use, but when I saw the “eclectic grandpa” trend on my feed, I knew I had to cover this one myself. My wardrobe is a proper grandaddy’s dream — it’s full of loose-fitting pants, cozy sweaters, and oversized blazers — so this is a viral moment I look forward to participating in (and shouting about from the rooftops!).

Like many clicky-sounding style concepts of late, an “eclectic grandpa” mode of dress is purely a product of the internet. But unlike the “tomato girl” trend that was born on TikTok, the term was coined by Pinterest. And according to the platform, it’s a notion with cross-generational appeal: “Gen Z and Boomers will embrace grandpacore,” the team states in the 2024 Pinterest Predicts report. “[It will] bring eccentric and expressive elements for the ages to their wardrobes.”

That said, the aesthetic goes beyond quirky colors and eye-catching details. At its core, “eclectic grandpa” highlights classic and comfortable silhouettes you can accentuate with a playful personal style. It’s more about an adventurous spirit than a set of rules — think a full three-piece suit with a flower on the lapel, or a multicolor striped sweater vest atop a crisp white button-down.

The look is, unsurprisingly, already on the Spring/Summer 2024 runways. Over at Miu Miu, there were battered leather carry-alls and slouchy cardigans aplenty; Coach also tapped into the quirky mood via oversized blazers adorned with dinosaur-shaped broaches. And Marni’s contribution? Bold, mismatched statement suits featuring vibrant shades and a variety of plaid and striped patterns. Personally, I was particularly tickled by Look 21’s optical illusion sock boots that appeared as though a striped sock was layered under a plaid Mary Jane.

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Celebrities are on board, too. Supermodel Gigi Hadid’s cashmere brand, Guest In Residence, has become the platonic ideal of grandpa-chic knitwear staples. (Hadid herself has also been known to rock a funky loafer, oversized blazer, and skinny tie combination.) Rapper and producer Tyler, the Creator wears the eclectic grandpa look both on and off-stage. I’m partial to his street styled looks myself, like this fair isle sweater, a contrasting cap, and leather loafer mash-up. Another well-dressed man that loves to tap into his inner gramps? None other than Harry Styles. He’s been doing it for years: Just look to the Lanvin sheep sweater vest, pinstripe trousers, and bubblegum pink leather shoes he wore in November 2019 for proof (pictured above). And for the social media savvy, Emma Chamberlain’s Instagram is full of grandpacore essentials, like balaclavas, vibrant loafers, and timeless knitwear aplenty.

After a year of “coastal grandmother” and “coquette” ruling your feeds, you may be feeling hesitant to buy into yet another viral fashion moment. But let me assure you, eclectic grandpa is less about acquiring specific pieces, and more about building a lasting wardrobe emphasizing your personal style in a quirky but timeless way. If you’re looking for some inspiration to get started, keep scrolling for six outfit combinations worth trying, and the pieces you’ll need to achieve each look.

Pattern Party

To channel an elder gentlemen of discerning tastes, you must understand that argyle is, in fact, a neutral — which means it’s incredibly easy to put your own stamp on the pattern. Consider trying it with wide-leg leopard print jeans, your funkiest sunglasses, and a pair of penny loafers. I’m currently coveting this black and white pair from Italian brand, Maguire.


Hats aren’t just for bad hair days, just look at a grandpa — they wear their baseball hats just about anywhere. It might be worth upgrading your tattered old Yankees cap or that free hat from your company’s retreat in 2019 to something a bit more special from one of your favorite fashion brands. Should you go for the corduroy Clare V. style below, it pairs perfectly with baggy jeans, a navy trench coat, and your favorite black sneakers.

The Groufit

The groufit is a grandpa classic — I know this from experience as I recall my own grandpa’s myriad of grey cardigans. To modernize the staple, reach for a more fitted silhouette layered over a slightly boxy white t-shirt (I love the way it pokes out on either end of the sweater). The Alex Pants from Reformation have the perfect relaxed — but not oversized — fit.


There’s a reason people are stealing jackets from their grandpa’s closet... But whether you’re lucky enough to have a suede blazer passed on to you or buy one for yourself, it’s peak dapper senior citizen with light-wash denim and suede boots. These stompers from Ulla Johnson mix suede and leather with a platform sole — perfect for protecting the leather from snow and salty sidewalks. And because grandpas are always well-prepared, throw a sweater over your shoulders in case you catch a chill.

Faux Fan

In 2024, we’re all about dressing up our merch (thanks, Taylor Swift). But if your taste veers more grandpa than WAG, try pairing your team’s crewneck with baggy cuffed jeans, a detailed belt, and classic loafers.

H-T Corduroy

Corduroy is a staple fabric in an elder’s wardrobe, and the eclectic grandpa is taking it to the next level. Not only are they reaching for a corduroy suit, but they’re going full monochromatic. Better yet, they’re layering a turtleneck underneath their blazer — total mic drop move.

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