With This Casual-Chic Ponytail, Victoria Beckham Is More Sporty Than Posh

So good.

Victoria Beckham long wavy hair

Part of what made the Spice Girls such an appealing group was each member’s distinct persona and the way it was reflected in their aesthetics. You’d see Baby Spice in pigtails and Ginger Spice with her hair color amped up to an electric shade of red, and many of those signatures still endure today. But there’s also tons of versatility within the group, both back in the ‘90s and now, especially as the fivesome remain so close — there’s plenty of style sharing back and forth, and Victoria’s Beckham’s low ponytail is proof. It’s a little Sporty and of course a little Posh, and also it’s the ideal casual-chic hairstyle to keep in your back pocket for all sorts of occasions.

The bang-accented updo was seen in a hilarious ad spot for UberEats starring Beckham and her famous husband, which happens to be a teaser for their upcoming Super Bowl commercial with the brand. Perched on her couch in a pair of light wash jeans and a shirt reading “My dad had a Rolls-Royce” (a nod to a mega-viral moment from the couples’ 2023 docuseries), Posh’s ponytail is long and loose. It’s positioned lower, fastened with a hairtie a few inches below her crown and left to trail over her shoulders in soft, natural-looking waves.


The ponytail — and her outfit too for that matter — is the exact sort of polished-but-low-key style that’s quick and easy for hanging around the house, but looks so pulled-together if you have to dash out the door at the last minute. Part of the appeal is in Beckham’s curtain bangs, which fall on either side of her face and taper into bottleneck-style ends. They can have a reputation for adding styling time, but with casual hairstyles like this one, bangs are a serious boon. Beckham’s hair has obviously been styled for the commercial, but in day-to-day life, you can gather everything up into a 30-second ponytail, then take five minutes for the bangs — only to look like you spent so much longer on it.

Leave it to Beckham to demonstrate incredible taste even from her own living room. Who knows what the actual Super Bowl commercial will hold?