Victoria Beckham’s Viral Hair ‘Hack’ Is As Hilarious As It Is Brilliant

It’s giving Whoville.

Victoria Beckham long straight hair with highlights

She’s celebrated for many things, of course, but you have to admire Victoria Beckham’s mind above all else — underestimate her unyielding creativity at your own risk. How else do you explain her total domination of music and fashion, two of the most notoriously difficult industries to break into in general? Her sharp eye extends to the company she keeps, too, including the top-tier professional team she relies on for all of her killer hair and makeup looks. In a behind-the-scenes glimpse at her glam routine, Beckham’s hair “tutorial” centers around a brilliant and hilarious hack for maximizing height and volume.

Beckham shared the inside look over on her wildly popular TikTok account, filmed with celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves. “So we’re here in Miami getting ready for an event,” she explains, setting the scene in her crisp accent as Paves twists a flat iron around her highlighted waves. The face-framing pieces of Beckham’s hair are pulled vertically, held up all through its lengths with assorted clips, its ends curling under like little antennae. “Ken, do you think this is too much root lift?” she teases, then playfully compares herself to Cindy Lou Who in the 2000 edition of How The Grinch Stole Christmas starring Taylor Momsen and Jim Carrey.

Archive Photos/Moviepix/Getty Images

“Who wore it better?” she joked as Paves continues his work, flashing a photo of the Christmastime character on the screen — the answer, naturally, is Becks. As silly as the curlicue pieces might look pinned up, Paves and Beckham are employing a very smart and age-old trick to optimize volume. Securing the face-frame vertically, especially when heat is directly applied just before, essentially trains the hair roots to stand up on their own, molding them into shape so they stay in place even when the clips are removed.

Indeed, by the end of the video, Paves had removed all pins and clamps, letting her gently bent waves all fall loosely around her face and there was plenty of volume and movement in tact.

Go ahead and add Beckham’s sense of humor to the list of things to love about here — she’s always willing to laugh at herself, and usually looks incredible while doing it.